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What To Do When You Have A Dream And No Idea How It Could Materialize
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Everyone has a dream. Most people don’t pay mach attention to it considering there are no chances their dream could ever come true. If you ask them what they wish, they will tell you which their dream is adding immediately that it would be nice to reach it someday, but unfortunately it is almost impossible.

This is a pattern of thought. ‘We wish but there is no chance.’ Life is difficult and we are meant to struggle, not to dream. What would be nice to have is impossible; anyway, impossible for us. We have a lot of burdens to carry; we cannot do anything for ourselves. We have no time to do anything for us. Our time and energy are always dedicated to others – family, co-workers, employer… No time for dreams, we need to be present in reality; dreaming is nothing else that a waste of time.

However, all these people keep somewhere inside their soul a secret hope that sometimes their dream will come true by hazard. Maybe someone in haven loves them and will make them this present. But they never think they can do something to get closer to their dream.

We know that when we focus on something we attract it in our life. The same is with our dreams. Let’s suppose we are living a life far from what we would dream about how our life would be nice to be. We are struggling with our daily duties, we go to work because we have to, and we put all our time and energy in things we don’t like too much, but need to be done. And we think: ‘that’s life…’

This is the point where we start.

Now, let’s think a little bit about our dream. Try to imagine it alive, as hard as it might be to see it even with your mind’s eye.

You don’t have to put aside your daily activities. Continue to do them as before, but allocate half an hour every day to your dream. Take it as a play, as a recreation.

During this half an hour a day collect information – find out how someone can do what you would like to do and what are doing other people having the same focus.

For instance, if you would like to play piano; search for information regarding piano classes, piano online courses, about how much could cost an instrument (if you still don’t have one), try to get in contact with other people playing piano as a hobby and with other people wanting to learn it. Surf the internet, go on forums, visit music stores and bookstores having specialized books, discuss with people, start to take some lessons.

Spend time daily with your passion. You never know where this activity could lead you in time. If you really like it, you will get more and more involved in your passion. Think that you deserve spending some time for yourself. Other people you take care of will benefit too because you will be more relaxed, your mood will improve – the joy you experience doing what you like to do will change even the attitude towards everything else you do daily.

Following your dream, as much as your daily schedule allows you to do it, will change your life. And, if it is really your dream life, it will grow. You will meet interesting people; you will have interesting opportunities to extend your activity and, who knows, to go from a hobby to something more.

So, any dream you might have, don’t stay and wait. In this way nothing happens. Take inspired actions to follow your dream. If you don’t know how to start, the best way to begin is by collecting information. Now the Internet offers us the possibility to find out almost everything about anything and to get where we even could not imagine.

Trust your gusts and do something for yourself because that’s why you are here. Your life really has a purpose and this purpose is only yours. You have this life to live it for yourself, not for others. As selfish as it might sound, this is the truth. And the best part is that other people will benefit more if we follow our dream instead of living for them and getting involved in their lives.

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