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Why Develop Yourself?
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Today many people talk about personal development. There are a lot of training companies offering self improvement programs. Big corporation invest in training programs for their employees' self development. Many people invest themselves in coaching sessions and books. There are also a lot of websites and blogs talking about these issues and selling tips, methods, programs, plans of self evolution...

Is this just a fashion, like many others nowadays, or is it something serious and necessary in our lives?

Fifteen years ago, when I first heard about this subject, I didn't understand very clear why I should embark in such a endeavor. Ok, I said myself, I maybe will be promoted faster and my salary will increase (that time, I used to work in a multinational). But, honestly, I didn't really feel a motivation to do it. Nothing pushed me to get involved in myself evolution. I thought that if I do my job in the best way I can, I will get the promotion without bothering too much with all this stuff.

But one day, something important happened to me. I stumbled upon a book which sounded to me interesting: "7 Ways of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Kovey. After reading it, a miracle happened: I understood that you don't develop yourself for others' sake. This is really something for you. It might help you to feel better, to reach your targets faster, think different and, by changing your way of thinking, you can really change your life. It was like an awakening for me. The book stroke me deeply.

The idea of beginning with the end (of the life!) in mind changed radically my life perspective. I never had thought of it before. I used to live my life on short term, thinking only to my next two-three steps. I realized that I didn't have any goal in my life. Every day passed getting me closer to the end (it sounds a little bit frightening, but that's it!) and I went further like going with the wind.

This was my first contact with self development reasons why. I have just begun to understand how important could be the personal development focus in someone's life. I realized that if I develop certain skills and if I change my attitude towards people I'm dealing with and towards surrounding circumstances I will do my job better, I will manage better the time and I, finally, will get more form life.

The subject of self evolution is extremely broad. It involves many aspects, starting with the goal setting, life dream discovering, life purpose defining and motivation to follow a plan, discipline, positive thinking and ability to manage all these things properly.

When deciding to begin to change yourself, the most important thing, in my opinion, is that you need know very well which are your own reasons to do it, to define very clear your self development targets and to see (I mean to visualize) where you intend to go, how looks like your end.

Once you are clear where you want to go, you have to stick with your vision. Otherwise, you will encounter all the time the problem of self motivation. You will work hard the first three days and, then, you will get back into your comfort zone... But this subject is too important and too broad to be covered in this article.

Keep in mind that your personal development is only yours and you make it only for yourself. And if you ask why you should do it, the answer could be only one: to be prepared to live your dream!

Street Talk

I went through a similar experience, realizing the end was coming nearer. Then I began to see life as a chess game. I only need to focus on the next two to three moves, but I need to see how the entire game can play out after each and every move. Thank you for the inspiring article. It is always nice to be reminded of the game of life.

  about 1 decade ago

Without this game, life has no sense. Many years ago new experiences scared me, but now I am happy when I encounter drawbacks. They challenge me to want to evolve more. And I saw the reward is big, really big. Thank you for your comment!

  about 1 decade ago
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