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Your Vampiric Resident
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Your Vampiric Resident

Because I care about you so much, I need to understand this:


Let me repeat that because it's so very important...


Now, I know you've grown up believing differently. You've been told that it is your idea of who you are, or your consideration of your own self-worth, and at the most basic level, that may be true, but really, only in a "cute squirrel" sort of way: we all think squirrels are nice and fluffy, but the truth is they will give you a nasty bite if you get too close.

The reality is your ego is NOT who you are, but merely a representation based on your learned interpretations of your past experiences. If a person is afraid of dogs, is it likely they were born that way? No. At some point in their past, probably when they were very young, they had a scary experience with a dog that 'taught' them their reality of dogs. Doesn't that experience make all dogs dangerous? Of course not, but that's what the ego has decided, and as long as it isn't examined for the interpretation it is, it remains.

Remember how much grief your teachers gave you for making mistakes in school? Now, because you learned mistakes were punishable offenses, your ego tells you this continues to be true even if the logic tells you without accepting the mistakes we make, we cannot improve our actions.

The truth is your ego is a little vampire living in the cave of your subconscious, draining you of any real chance at happiness, because it knows it can't survive in the light of day, in the light of active examination. It finds its logic in the past, and uses that logic as its future operating system.

But, we don't live in the past, and what we think of as the future is never here. We can only live in the light of the present, which is lethal to the ego.

Go ahead, and take control of your ego. Drag it into the present moment, examine it, and take control of its logic to your benefit. You are always in control, even when you allow your ego to make decisions for you. No one is making those decisions that you aren't allowing to happen.

Here's the chain of logic that will lead you to a better life:

1. Once you are old enough to understand logic, you are the master of your own future.

2. Whether you make your own decisions or allow them to be made for you, either by your internal vampiric ego, or by allowing some external force to do so, it's always in your own control, and therefore your own responsibility.

3. If you do not accept this responsibility by playing the victim and justifying your 'loss of control' (which, of course, is a decision in and of itself) you will never be able to move forward. (As a passenger, you may be able to play the navigator, suggesting where to go, or what route to take, but only the driver can make the ultimate decision, right?)

The point is while we are constantly being bombarded with influences and suggestions about how to run our lives, every single decision in our lives is ours alone, even those that seem to be made for us (because we decide to allow them to happen). Until we accept that and take responsibility for where we are right now, and how to change it, nothing will ever change.

But, again, it's all up to you, isn't it?

(find the) light, (feel the) love, and (gain the) strength to better your life.

Street Talk

Sherry B.  

Nice article! Very true...every decision we make or decide not to make has its consequences. Life is what you make it!

  about 9 years ago
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