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Third Degree Burns: Important Facts To Help You Deal With Them
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Third Degree Burns: Important Facts to Help You Deal With Them

A Third Degree Burn is the stuff that nightmares are made up of. Even the tiniest area affected by it causes a great deal of inconvenience to the person afflicted. It is best to avoid it, through care and vigilance. Vigilance can also help to control the damage. However, if things really get out of hand, then you need as much information as possible to properly deal with the consequences and causes of this injury.

Third Degree Burns- essential information for everyone:

• This kind of injury penetrates deep inside and destroys every layer of the skin and underlying tissue. The area appears swollen and discolored. Since nerve endings are destroyed, it is likely that the affected person will feel little or no pain.

• An injury of such magnitude happens because the heat induced damaged is not controlled in time. So, putting the fire out and getting away from the heat source should be the immediate concern, as this can help to minimize the damage. Secondly, cool the affected area with water so that the heat is stopped from going deeper.

• In such accidents, the risk of smoke inhalation and shock is rather great. You need to make sure that the victim is conscious and breathing.

• Call for medical assistance immediately. They will stabilize the patient and attend to the affected area immediately. Things are bound to be rather grim if a very large area of the body is affected, if the eyes, nose, mouth, chest, groin and full limbs are affected, or if the victim is a child.

• Doctors will attempt to restore the fluids and electrolytes lost due to the accident and administer antibiotics to minimize the risk of infection.

• These wounds take a very long time to heal. This is a crucial period, as complications can develop if proper care and assistance is not given. Also, new skin will not regenerate without skin grafts. So surgical intervention is unavoidable.

• Grafts require a lot of care and attention. Even the slightest carelessness during the healing process will lead to massive damage which cannot be undone.

• Even after healing, patients will experience difficulty in regaining normal functioning. A lot of therapy and exercise will be needed to assist in movement and function. There is chance of irreversible loss of either of these.

Third Degree Burn can happen to anyone. It can happen because of the fault or carelessness of another person or party. If you are lucky, you will be able to get away with a minor area being affected. But if you are not so fortunate, then have no fear. It is possible to rebuild your life even in the aftermath of such catastrophic occurrences. A lot of groups offer support for rehabilitation and acceptance. You can retrain yourself to lead a normal life and even get a new job. There are many foundations and organizations in existence which help you to get financial assistance also. Remember, as long as there is life, there is hope.

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