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Understanding Motorcycle Accident Injuries
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Understanding Motorcycle Accident Injuries

There are few things that can compare to the thrill of riding on a motorcycle, but those who indulge take the risk of sustaining motorcycle accident injuries in Chicago. Motorcycles can be a lot of fun but, for someone who does not protect themselves, they can be extremely dangerous. It is important for all cyclists to clearly understand the risk before getting on their bike.

Many people who have not been subject to motorcycle accident injuries in Chicago claim that the bikes are just as safe as cars. However, the United States Highway Traffic Safety Administration has presented statistics to the contrary. They claim that about fourteen of every one hundred thousand automobile drivers will be involved in a fatal accident. When they are riding motorcycles, the number of deaths per one hundred thousand riders jumps to about seventy-three.

In many cases, motorcycle accidents are not caused by the cyclist but by other motorists on the road. In fact, personal injury lawyers report that about seventy-five percent of their clients are injured on motorcycles by passenger cars. Cars are often unaware of the traffic laws concerning motorcycles and do not give cyclists the proper right of way on the road.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that cyclists are, in some cases, responsible for their own motorcycle accident injuries in Chicago. Because of the freedom and excitement of riding a motorcycle, many cyclists do not follow speeding regulations. Not only do they speed, but they often do not wear the proper protective gear that could save their lives in the event of an accident.

In the least serious motorcycle accidents, riders come away with only road rash, a painful rash that can leave scars on their skin. However, most end up with more serious injuries, such as fractures or serious damage to their teeth. In the worst-case scenarios, riders experience spinal cord damage that can result in paralysis or even in death.

Although riding a motorcycle is risky, manufacturers have developed many ways to keep riders as safe as possible while they are on their bikes. For example, most new bikes today are legally required to have headlights that come up when the bike is turned on. They also feature airbags on the fuel tanks and crash bars that protect the legs in the event of a minor crash. These features do not diminish the fun of riding the bike, but they do make it safer.

Many riders sustain motorcycle accident injuries in Chicago because of their own mistakes, but many are also the victims of careless drivers. If a rider is involved in an accident where they are not at fault, they should contact a motorcycle accident lawyer immediately. The lawyer will be able to help them receive any damages to which they are entitled for their medical bills and damage to their bike. To avoid these situations completely, riders should be sure to always follow speed regulations and wear the proper protective gear to keep them safe in the event that they come across a careless driver.

About the Author: Nicholas Baker is an experienced Chicago personal injury attorney that handles Chicago Motorcycle Accident Injury cases. Many of the cases our firm handles are cases that other attorneys turn down because of their complexity. For more information, visit our Personal Injury Website!

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