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3d Video Gaming
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3D Video Games

With 3D technology advancing and becoming integrated into many forms of our favorite entertainment and devices 3D gaming has become A wonderful feature added to our favorite games. 3D gaming consoles and 3D gaming computer systems have brought interactive 3D into our homes and mobile 3D and Handheld 3D gaming devices allows us to take the 3D fun with us wherever we go.

3D Gaming Consoles

Our favorite gaming consoles such as the Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 have gone 3D capable with no problems with firmware updates. My favorite game Call Of Duty Black Ops is a 3D capable video game and when I play games in 3D it pulls you more into the action similar the way a 3D movie in theaters would. 3D gaming consoles allow both the hardcore and casual gamers to get into some serious 3D fun right from their favorite seat.

3D Computer Games

3D computer games and computer gaming systems lets the hardcore computer gamers enjoy a serious session of their favorite game in 3D. Computer gamers are able to download mods which allow them to change virtually everything within the game this will allow gamers to tweak their 3D equipment to make it look more realistic or just more fun either way it gives us yet another chance to play with 3D tech.

3D Handheld Gaming

3D handheld gaming is a fairly new market with only one device for sale The Nintendo 3DS. This is the first of many 3D handheld gaming devices we will see in the future that are most likely in development now. Cause this is such an untapped market video game companies will want to get their devices out the to compete with the 3DS which is a great device for taking 3D entertainment on the go.

3D Mobile Gaming

What do you have with you 98% of the time? Your Cellphone/Smartphone. 3D mobile gaming is a very great 3D technology advancement bringing 3D to our cellphones. The Htc Evo 3D is the first 3D smartphone which allows you watch 3D movie, record 3D video, and play 3D games as well as A lot of great features. The Htc Evo 3D is the first 3D cellphone but keep your eyes open cause im sure many smartphone companies will follow this model.


In brief detail i just went over some points about the 3D gaming technology. 3D gaming technology will only continue to get better in our gaming consoles, computer games, handheld and mobile gaming devices with 3D tech on the rise the future only knows where it will take us or the next step of 3D entertainment.

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