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Access Hulu Canada
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Tons of American shows are popular in Canada. Just a few years ago shows like Heroes, Prison Break, and Lost because world wide super-hits, and it's no wonder that Canadians joined the club and watched as well. Canadians and Americans share a lot of cultural similarities so taste in TV tends to be the similar as well. One of the problems of watching American TV in Canada is finding a time to do it.

If you get satellite TV you're bound to awkward shows timing and strapped to your television set trying to figure out when the show actually is, recording stuff, and coming back to it the next day. So many Canadians are starting to see the advantage of having a Hulu account and getting access to Hulu in Canada, The problem is that Hulu only streams to IP addresses in the USA so you need to change your IP address.

This is just what a VPN does. With a VPN, it's very easy to change you IP address to any location in the world. By signing into the VPN server, you adopt the IP address of the sever location. This means that if the server is anywhere in the USA, you get an American IP address. With an American IP address you can access Hulu in Canada.

Some Canadians who watch to access Hulu in Canada may be a bit hesitant to sign up with a VPN service for a number of reasons.

One, Hulu is a free service, so why should you have to pay for it?

Hulu's free service is great, but if you're going to be watching entire series' of TV shows, you've got to get Hulu Plus. The free version only gives you the five latest episodes of select shows. If you're going to do this, you've got to go all the way. A VPN and Hulu plus will get you hooked up with the largest and highest quality American Television on the Internet.

Two, users who have never heard of VPN's may also be unsure of how to use them and if they really work.

VPN's are not just a way to change your IP address and access Hulu in Canada - they are more often used as a way to protect your Internet privacy. VPN are suitable for those who frequently travel because public Internet zones are not safe for transferring private data - stuff like passwords, usernames, and especially information regarding banks and credit card numbers. VPN's make sure that your data is undetectable, that you've got a secure connection, and that you are anonymous on the Internet.

This is why they are the best way to access Hulu in Canada. I live in China and watch Hulu in China. If I can get past the strongest form of Internet censorship in the world with a VPN, then accessing Hulu in Canada is not going to be a problem

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