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Access Youtube In China With A Proxy
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Being able to access Youtube in China with a proxy is, for the most part, the same as unblocking any other sites in China. It can be done with a proxy. However, accessing Youtube in China with a proxy comes with one special need - speed.

Because Youtube is a site used for streaming video, it's important that your video streaming capabilities are up to par, and won't leave you waiting hours for your video to load. Everyone know how annoying it can be to wait for video to buffer, and for those living in China, we know how common this is. It seems like the Internet is just slower here in general. So battling Internet censorship along side with bad Internet connections, it can be a real challenge to access Youtube in China with a proxy.

It's interesting note that in the past, I though that all proxy service in China were blocked. When I first came to China, I also used web based proxies to access blocked sites. They worked of course, but after a few months of them getting continuously shut down and me having to replace them with another one, I decided to invest in a VPN and I never looked back.

However, PPTP and L2TP VPNs are blocked in China now, which means that if you're going to access Youtube in China on a smart phone like iPhone or Android, you have to use a proxy (not all of them are blocked). They'll be able to unblock other sites on your phone as well, so it's a decent investment if yo have a smart phone in China and don't want to lose connections to your Facebook friends.

If you're going to access Youtube in China with a proxy for your laptop, it'll cost you the same as on your phone, which is a pretty good deal. One license can be used on several different devices because it's so versatile. Another advantage of using a proxy vs a VPN is that all the updates are take care of at the site so there's no need to wait for updates to download each time you connect. As a VPN owner, I know that it can be annoying having to update every once in a while.

I do have one piece of advice. If you're planning only access Youtube in China with a web based proxy, it may be better to just start using Youku. A lot of the same content is available on Youku (the Chinese version of Youtube), and sometimes more. Though there is fewer local stuff from the USA, you can find movies and TV shows on Youku that you can't get on Youtube. If however, you're planning on using the proxy to open a variety of sites, then the few dollars a month is totally worth it. I don't know what I'd do without mine.

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