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Apple To Release Ipen For Ipad4?
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Apple to Release Ipen for Ipad4?

So far, most people have been using their fingers to use all their Apple touch devices. And it makes total sense, that is why they are called "touch", right?

However, Apple has submitted a patent for a sensitive stylus or haptic pen. It seems that the company might be contemplating to release this optical device with a future iPad.

The idea of a stylus was totally despised by the late Steve Jobs, who actually publicly said "Who wants a stylus?" when he introduced the original iPhone in 2007.

Well, times change and people's needs change too.

What are the iPen's features?

The iPen would incorporate a haptic feedback such as vibrations and audio, and would also include an optical sensor that would determine the stylus angle and location with respect to the electronic device used.

It may even be able to respond to different movements like swiping, scrolling and touching. It could also detect movements in mid-air.

In their design, the Cupertino company has mentioned the possibility to power this haptic stylus using solar energy.

They also mention that the iPen could also expand its application to other Apple products like the iPhone or the iPod touch.

Why an iPen?

Currently, there are various styluses for the iPad in the market, however they rely exclusively on capacitive touch and fail to be accurate enough, not to mention they are not that easy to use.

By introducing the iPen, Apple would be able to compete with the Samsung's Galaxy Note which includes a stylus pen, and that is becoming very popular among corporate executives and not so executives.

The iPen could be a great device for those who dislike the use of fingers to handle their touch devices. If after using an iPad for quite sometime you end up with an oily surface that has to be constantly wiped, then the iPen might be what you are looking for.

It would also increase the accuracy when touching an item on the display by providing a specific response, greatly improving the user's experience.

Despite being a great idea, the fabrication of the iPen could only be another great invention by Apple that, like many other patents filed by the company, may not become a reality if they think the product does not meet their high-standards.

If the iPen becomes a real product it will surely cause a great impact in the industry. Nonetheless, Apple is not known for its cheap prices which leads me to believe many of us will still be using our fingers.

Street Talk

I have a hard time keeping up with all the new stuff. thanks for the info

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks for your comment Shawn. I try to keep up with all the new tech releases as much as I can, but it's kind of hard with upgrades coming out every six months. Cheers.

  about 1 decade ago
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