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There are so many apps out there that have so many different niches. There are 21 different categories within the App store for your iPhone. My job here is to identify apps that women would be interested in. Apps that will help simplify and organize life. And perhaps throw in a little fun in there! I will be discussing apps for the iMac as well as the iPhone or iPad (or iTouch, for that matter). The apps I have listed are ones that I use on a very regular basis.

The first app that I think is worth sharing is the Shopping List app. It's $1.99 in the App store and well worth it. The price, based on the other "list" apps out there, is about mid-range. How many times have you forgotten your grocery list at home and have had to go shopping based on your memory of the list? And if your memory is like mine, you likely have to go to the grocery store again with list in tow.

Conversely, how many times have you left the house without your phone? Chances are slim to none. And with this app, if you have your phone, you have your grocery list! I like the fact that you can create different lists within the app. For example, I have 3 lists going: Grocery, Costco, and Whole Foods. Another nice feature is that it will keep your past items in memory for future recall. You have the choice to type them in, or choose from a list that is either alphabetized, by category (categories that you choose, no less), or frequency of purchase. I choose to view my lists by alphabetical order, which makes it easier for me. This app is definitely a time saver!

The next app that I want to talk about is the Checkbook App on the iMac. I have wanted to try an app that would eliminate the paper checkbook I had to keep track of, and keep it all digital. I had tried programs like QuickBooks, but found it too be a little too confusing for my taste.

The one downside that I have found is that it doesn't link up to your account information online. So you have to be really on top of entering your debits and deposits on the App. Which is fine. Because you have to be on top of the paper checkbook anyway, right?

Since recently purchasing this app, I have entered information for our checking account. I started with our latest direct deposit (showing up in green, of course) and then started on paying the bills! The majority of our bill paying is done online right now, and so when I make that payment, I make a receipt of that in the checkbook. It has different categories so that down the road we're able to take a look at each category and see where we're spending our money. When the time comes, I'll create a checkbook for our savings, even though that doesn't get used much. If you're trying to go paperless…and go easy, then this is the app for you!

Evernote is the last app I want to share with you. It is an app that can sync with your iMac, iPhone, and iPad all at once! It is another "list" app that can be filled with any kind of text your heart desires! I like and use this app for various things I don't want to forget. Of late, I have created a "doctor" list for questions I have for my daughter's doctors. I have used the app to remember recipes I have gotten from friends. And the list I use the most is my daughter's medication list. Her medications change all the time, whether it's the dosage or the medication itself. For example right now she's on 7 different medications. And if you visit doctors on a regular basis, you know that every time you have to tell them about the medications you're on and their dosage. Every. Time. This list helps me keep them all straight! The definite pro for this app is the fact that it will wirelessy sync with the other Evernote apps on your other devices!

I hope this list helps you identify some apps that will help you be efficient and organized in your daily living! I will update this page with more apps as I see fit. Happy organizing!

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