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Apps I Would Like If I Owned A Smartphone
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Many people I know own smartphones. They use their phones to send text messages, to enjoy the various apps, and, of course, to talk. I do not own a smartphone, however. My cell phone is a very basic phone that allows me to make and receive calls. I can also send text messages, but since my phone does not have a QWERTY keyboard, this activity is much harder. If I did own a smartphone, however, I can think of a few apps that I would like.

One would be the American Top 40 app. That way, I could listen to the weekly countdown wherever I happened to be, and I would always know where my favorite songs are on the charts. I would also get to listen to the songs that other listeners have requested. I like many of these songs, and some of them bring back great memories. In addition to the American Top 40 app, there are other apps that I would be interested in getting, as well.

I would also want an app that would allow me to access the Internet. Without this app, owning a smartphone would be pointless. Therefore, I would need it.

Finally, I would want apps for the social networks that I normally go to, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. That way, I could continue to post my articles, build readers and followers, and earn money.

However, I would not need an app that would send a breakup text to my boyfriend. I have a husband, not a boyfriend, and we are happily married. We are looking forward to a wonderful life together. Therefore, if I had a smartphone, I would not need this app.

Some people, however, would want the Breakup App. They get into a relationship with another person, and in the beginning, the relationship seems promising. The two get together, get to know each other, and have some fun times together. As time goes on, however, they discover that they are not meant to be together. If these individuals have the Breakup App, one would simply access the app and send a breakup text to the other, thereby ending the relationship. While this method of ending a relationship is very fast and offers the person ending the relationship the benefit of avoiding a painful confrontation, it is impersonal. It leaves the other person with many questions.

Rather than spending money on this app, it makes much more sense to sit down and talk about issues in a relationship. See that questions are answered and problems are resolved. That way, life will be better for both of you, regardless of what happens to your relationship.

Enjoy your phone. It will keep you connected to the important people in your life. Stay safe out there, and have a great day.

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