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Best Gift For A Kindle Fire Owner
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Best Gift For A Kindle Fire Owner

If someone you know has just bought, or been given, a new Kindle Fire Tablet deciding what to buy them as a gift is now a simple decision!

The new tablet owner is, no doubt, absolutely delighted with and totally engrossed in this amazing device and quite possibly is never away from it.

They will probably be carrying it around wherever they go.

  • To work or school or college.
  • Up to their bedroom.
  • Out in the yard.
  • Traveling by train, car, bus, plane or even boat!

Basically where they go, their tablet goes too!

Know anyone like that?

If you do and you'd like to buy them the ideal gift you won't go far wrong with a cover, case or sleeve for their most treasured possession - their Kindle Fire tablet. Let's refer to them as Covers for the sake of brevity.

They would definitely appreciate being able to carry their tablet safely wherever they go, without the worry of it getting damaged, scratched or even broken!

It could be the best gift they receive this year and they would really love you to bits for being so thoughtful in choosing such a welcomed and practical present.

So, you may be thinking, which one should I choose?

Which one would they most appreciate and be really proud of?

Well, with the range available today - and it is growing almost daily, it seems - buying the Best Fire Cover is a very daunting task indeed!

Here are a few tips which may help you to decide.

Which Color?

The first thing to consider is the color.

Kindle Fire Covers are available in every color of the rainbow - plus black and white! - and even combinations of those colors too! A vast range!

But here are some suggestions that may help you choose the perfect color for that Kindle Fire Owner.


Pink is a very popular color, particularly - although not exclusively - for young ladies. A warm, friendly color often used as the theme for many a girl's bedroom and wardrobe.


The color of fast cars and motorbikes. A fiery color that would be loved by anyone who wants their Kindle Fire to make a bold statement about themselves as much as the Fire Tablet itself. It is the color of Fire itself after all, so a very good choice for the Kindle Fire in a sense!


Business-like and serious. A Kindle Fire in a Black Cover wouldn't look out of place in the office or boardroom and would be ready for use at lunch or break times. Ideal for a business-person friend or relation.


A traditional, scholarly color. Perhaps an ideal color choice for a teacher or student. Who would suspect it contains a device full of the latest block-buster movies and the latest games, along with study material, reference books and notes?


A calm, fresh color. Sea, sky and swimming pool Blue. Not too outrageous or flashy. The color of Royalty and respectability. Maybe most suitable for the more modest, or even aristocratic, Kindle Fire owner.


The color of grass and trees. Might be the ideal choice for someone of an environmentally conscious frame of mind. Or someone who simply wants their Kindle Fire to appear a little less ostentatious and more low key.


Now this a very individual color. Could be just right for someone who likes to be 'in your face' and not afraid to stand out from the crowd. You don't see too many yellow cars on the road but a bright Yellow Kindle Fire Cover could be ideal for for anyone who does drive such a boldly colored automobile! Or perhaps, simply for a Kindle Fire owner of a Sunny disposition and who loves the color of sunshine,sandy beaches and sunflowers.


The next thing to consider is the style of Kindle Fire Cover.

Kindle Fire Covers come in many styles and designs. Each with its own special features and benefits such as:

Zipper style

These all enclosing covers offer a very safe environment for the Fire as it completely encase the Kindle with protective outer covering and a soft padded interior. Ideal for someone who is a little hard on their gadgets (someone who is always dropping their phone, for instance) or does a lot of traveling. This style provides a very high level of protection for the Fire Tablet.

Folio style

These covers best mimic a book in their design. Usually they have a catch to hold them closed. This can be by way of an elastic strap, push button or even a magnetic catch. The latter is my favorite as it is effortless to use but holds the cover securely closed with very little, if any, chance of the Kindle falling out. The Folio design is very convenient to use and offers a fair degree of physical protection to the Fire Tablet.

The simple Sleeve style

This design is ideal for the Kindle Fire owner who likes to have their Kindle well protected but also easily accessible. The open end is usually fasten by a catch, button, spring or a magnet etc, so the Fire can easily be removed from and returned to its safe environment as required. Ideal for the Kindle Fire owner who has only a short time to use the tablet before starting work again. Maybe someone like a shop worker who wants to read their Kindle E-books between customers - during the quiet times, of course! Or someone doing lots of short journeys or frequent changes of bus or train.

The Jacket style

This is a cover that wraps right around the kindle. Easy to open and when closed offers a great amount of protection to the Kindle. Convenient to use and a good choice for a regular traveler perhaps!

The Free-Standing design

Many Kindle Fire covers also double as viewning stands. Great for hands-free viewing of movies and photo slide shows as well as offering very high levels of protection when the tablet is not in use and being transported. They enable the Fire to be positioned at various angles and either orientation - Landscape or Portrait- so that the latest movie can be viewed - with the tablet on a desk for instance.

Color then style

As I said at the start of this article there is a vast and bewildering range to choose from but hopefully I have helped you to narrow the choice of the ideal Fire tablet cover as a gift, a little bit at least. Decide on the color first and then the style.

Always appreciated as a gift

I think you'll probably agree that a Kindle Fire cover is a great gift for a Kindle Fire owner as it will protect and enhance the appearance of any Kindle Fire Tablet and will be constantly used and always appreciated by whoever receives it.

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