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If you have ever watched videos on You Tube, you know that the site allows you to see all of the popular videos that everyone is talking about. Simply search online for the video that you want to see, click on the link when it comes up, and then sit back and enjoy.

I use You Tube to find songs that I want to run to. I could call my local radio station to request the song that I want to hear, but if I have to step away from the radio for some reason, I will miss my song. By pulling up the video on You Tube, I can listen on my schedule. Sometimes I watch the video that accompanies the song that I have selected. Most often, however, I listen and work. I work out or write articles that I intend to publish. I feel better when I am busy while listening to music. I am being productive. Therefore, I am not wasting time. Music also helps me to increase the speed at which I complete my tasks, so that I can finish my work, such as cleaning the house, quickly and then move on to what I want to do. You might consider using You Tube to enjoy the music that you love. Be respectful of those around you, however, and use headphones.

If you are listening to music at the library, other patrons around you will want quiet. Some patrons might be students who are doing research for an upcoming research paper. They might also be studying for a test. Other patrons might be individuals who want quiet so that they can read to themselves. By having the quiet that they desire, those around you at the library will be able to do what they are trying to do. You might not be using You Tube at the library, of course.

If you are visiting with people who are talking on the phone, watching television, or sleeping, they will not want to be disturbed. If you use your headphones while you listen, everybody will be happy. If the people you are with are watching television, they can continue to enjoy the laughs or drama that is playing out in front of them. If they are on the phone, they can conduct their business without being disturbed. If they are asleep, they can have sweet dreams. You, meanwhile, will not have to wait to enjoy what you love. Instead, you will be able to listen to the songs that you want to hear, such as “People Like Us” by Kelly Clarkson or “Hall of Fame” by The Script. You will then be in a good mood, and you will be able to get on with your day.

Invest in a pair of headphones, and consider checking out You Tube. The site may have something that you are interested in.

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