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Check These Areas If Your Computer Is Slowing
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Your computer is a complex creation.  At its core is the CPU or Central Processing Unit.  This is usually a chip or set of chips that execute the commands that are sent to it from an application or program.  When a computer starts slowing, it is usually due to the fact that either the commands coming to the CPU are slowed down or there are so many commands coming to the CPU at once it is slowing the execution of the program you are using.

Slowing computers are usually due to one of these two root causes.  In rare cases it can be due to a damaged CPU.  The CPU is supported by many other hardware sub systems such as input devices and output devices, sound processors, video processors and many other devices. These hardware systems are in turn supported by a phalanx of software programs. If we look at the first of the two root causes of a slowing computer that commands are coming to slowly to the CPU, this could have several causes.

Slowing Computer Commands

If your computer has very little memory this cause slowing computer commands being sent to the CPU because the computer has to use the its hard drive as supplemental memory.  The hard drive is a lot slower at serving commands to the computers CPU than the physical memory is.  This is usually a problem for older computers because when they were constructed, programs and applications did not require so much memory.

Another cause of slowing computer commands being sent to the CPU can be a disk drive that is too full.  Your computer uses its disk drive to swap out big chunks of a program from its memory chips.  If a computer isn't using a part of the program it can be put on the disk drive until it is need. When it is needed, it is swapped into the memory for another part of the program commands that are no longer being used.  If you have stored too much data on your hard drive, there will not be enough room on the hard drive to do this smoothly.  The results is that commands may need to be served directly from the hard drive--slow--or the computer can start swapping smaller parts of the program out and in which results in a very busy hard drive and slowing computer commands being sent to the CPU.

Fragmenting Causes Slowing Computer Commands

Many programs and applications store data on the hard disk.  As time goes by the hard disk can develop empty gaps between blocks of data.  This is due to the high speed of the disks stylus and its seeking to find enough empty blocks to place the data in.  This is called fragmenting and it results in slowing-computer commands being processed by the CPU since the CPU has to wait for the disk drive to locate the data it needs to execute the command.  If you defragment your hard drive, your computer will rearrange the data on the drive, placing blocks of related information next to each other.  This cuts down on the the need for the disk's stylus to jump all over the place in order to retrieve data.  This eliminates slowing-computer commands being sent to the CPU.

A Corrupted Registry Can Cause Slowing Computer Commands Being Sent To The CPU

The registry is a data base that records all of the particulars of the system's hardware and software.  It records the location and operating data of each of these.  Any time the computer needs a piece of hardware or software it consults the registry to get all of the information it needs to use them.  If the registry is corrupt or fragmented it will cause slowing-computer commands sent to the CPU.  Many times the computer has to search through the corruption on the registry which takes time and sometimes it is even stopped by a corrupt registry.

The good news is that all of these problems that can slow a computer down can be fixed using the correct software.  I have written a lot more about these problems and how you can solve them in in my blog,

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