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Computers And Technology - I'm Interested But What Next?
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Computers And Technology  -  I\'m Interested But What Next?

There are many of use out there who enjoy computers and technology. There are a few of us though who are interested but find themselves stuck and they simply do not know where to go, how to learn more about this interest, how to widen or increase their knowledge. Many may be scared, to busy, or simply do not know where to start. Well I have been in your shoes! I know just what that feels like. Ever since I was three I adored computers.

Everything about them fascinated me to the extreme. I spent many hours on the computer learning something new and interesting each day. My joy for computers was always there, but I never really started to explore the technical side to computers. It was like I was just as nerdy as all the other computer nerds or geeks but I just did not know as much as the average computer nerd. I decided I wanted to change that. Not because I wanted to be like everyone else, but because I wanted to increase my own knowledge and simply be proud of how much I knew about computers. I mean the more knowledge the better right? So my journey began..

I've always been a learner. I loved to learn new things no matter what it was. Although some things bored me or confused me I still felt like I learned something valuable from the experience. Life is full of learning opportunities. Little do we know computer technology gives us more then what other generations before use ever had. We can go online and look up anything! I for one took advantage of this. So when I wanted to learn more about computer technology I went searching online. For what ever I could find. I realized that there was far more to computers then I thought. I was excited. The more I looked up the more enthused I became. This isn’t just about my journey though! I am writing this not only for myself, but to encourage you! If you ever felt like I did. You knew you had an interest, but you just did not know how to build it up to a level that can take you places.

I'm sure many of you know Steve Jobs, he was a man with an interest that took him places. He went to the extremes to increase his knowledge and grow as an individual involved in technology. Now we all don't have to be as hard working as Steve Jobs to be happy and satisfied with ourselves, but he is a perfect example of how a strong interest can do wonders for you. Just because it hasn't been fully developed yet doesn't mean it can't begin to grow. For all of you out there who have an interest in computers and technology or any interest at that you can further develop it. You can begin your learning journey as well. You don't think all those smart “techy” people out there just woke up one day and knew everything. It takes patience, motivation, and dedication. This should be easy because it is an interest of yours!

Relax and let the interest inside you blossom! There is no rush. All the motivation you need is just deep down inside you. All you have to do is dig it out. It will be a enjoyable experience once you start to take in all the knowledge you have been missing. Many may feel that learning is a boring thing but when it is about something you enjoy it is everything but. When you are investing your time into something you enjoy it will feel less like work and more like, well doing something you enjoy! It will also feel really rewarding at the end of the day when you realize how much you achieved. Each day is a new day to mentally fulfill yourself with something new within your interest. Have a busy day no problem, set time aside for your interest. Read an article, or buy a book, about computers and the technology that makes it epic!

One of my favorite computer past times is gaming. Gaming is an amazing hobbie of mine and I am sure many others enjoy it too. Computer gaming opens a door to the many wonders of computer technology. In fact it is gaming that gets many involved in it. It is one of the things that got me interested as well. So think about that. Think about something you enjoy doing on the computer. I always enjoyed gaming, but I never thought about what goes into games. There are things like programing, graphic design, computer components. All these fascinating and interesting things involving computers and technology just come from gaming.

What if you always enjoyed looking at how websites were designed. Ever wondered how websites are put together? Ever wonder what technology is put into that? I am sure many of you who took the time to read this article are curious individuals who wonder a lot about certain things. How is this made? What steps were put into making this? How long does it take? All of these questions are great! It is a good thing to be curious.

Forget the “curiosity killed the cat” phrase. Curiosity is a good thing when it comes to computers and technology because the more you want to learn the more you soon will know. The more you know the more you can do. The more you can do is the happier you will be.

So if you had a hidden interest for computers and technology that you want to expand. Then get out there and let it expand. Share your interest with others and invest some time into learning more. Time is of the essence. Remember it is up to you to make your interests blossom.

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