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Do Not Text While Walking
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Many people love to send text messages wherever they happen to be. In their messages, they talk about whatever is on their minds. They might be standing in the checkout line at the grocery store. They might be enjoying a cup of coffee at a bookstore. They might even be participating in a charity walk. Sending a text message while standing in line at the grocery store is alright, as long as you move when the line moves. That way, you and the others in line with you can get checked out. You can then go on with your day. Texting while drinking your coffee is also acceptable, because you are sitting at a table. No one will be irritated or delayed if you text someone. While enjoying your coffee, you can contact a classmate to ask about the homework assignment, for example. You might even make arrangements to get together to study for the upcoming test. You should not send text messages while participating in a charity walk, however.

One reason why texting during an event like this is a bad idea is because you could get hurt. You are reading and typing, rather than watching what is going on around you. You could trip or be hit by a car. The possibility of injury is not the only reason why you should not text while walking in a charity walk, however.

The other reason is because by being focused on your conversation, you miss out on the event. You might not be aware of music playing nearby that is designed to make the walk more fun, for example. You also might not see friends or neighbors who are participating in the walk.

Rather than texting while you walk in a much-anticipated event like a charity walk, invite your friends to walk with you. By having them join you, you can talk in person, rather than having to text. By talking in person, you will be safer, because you will be able to focus on your walk. You will also have someone to walk with, which will help to motivate you and will make the event more enjoyable for you.

If you learn about an upcoming charity walk while watching your favorite sitcoms one night, call your friends, family members, and coworkers, and invite them to join you for the event. You will be safe, and you will see how much more fun it can be to share special events with others.

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