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Ereader Comparisons Kindle Versus Nook Just Got Easier!
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Ereader Comparisons Kindle Versus Nook Just Got Easier!

If you have been looking at ereader comparisions for Amazon Kindle versus Nook you may have some idea about the pros and cons of each brand of ereader, but Amazon being Amazon has just raised the stakes. From early May they will be offering the Kindle for an even better price. How can they do this? The answer is easy - add special offers & sponsored screensavers, in other words some advertising. So now when you are looking at ereader comparisions you need to consider whether you are happy to have some advertsing thrown into the bargain.

There are a few other things to think about such as general functionality, weight, text formats, battery life, what material you plan to read and of course price. It is also worth checking out user reviews as while most are positive - in fact Amazon has this to say "Kindle is our #1 bestseller and has the most 5-star reviews of any product on Amazon" - some people have run into problmes with their ereader.

Ereader Comparisons - Customer Reviews

Looking at Kindle versus Nook customer reviews there are issues on both sides. If you read customer reviews you will see that Kindle issues have been mainly around the screen freezing up, occaisionally it goes permanently frozen, while Nook users complain about poor customer service and malfunctions in downloading books using WiFi.

What is the Balance of Views on Buying Kindle Versus Nook 1st Edition?

Leaving aside the Nook Color and the all-new Nook released June 2011, the general concensus on Kindle versus Nook 1st Edition, is that Kindle is the best e-ink black and white ereader. There are several reasons why people like the Kindle 3.

Ereader Comparisons - Why is Kindle Better Than Nook 1st Edition?

There are a few obvious ereader comparisons to make for Kindle versus Nook 1st Edition, here are the main ones - some people say that the Kindle keyboard, which is the main navigation system, is clunky but despite this is works well. Kindle is also lighter than Nook 1st edition and the e-ink technology is considered better. Kindle has a longer battery life and the other main point in its favor is that it is cheaper.

If you want to hold tons of information on your ereader then the Nook may be better for you because it has an expandable memory slot. It also has a removable battery and uses the open source EPUB text format.

Ereader Comparisons - What Else Should You Think About?

So far I have been talking about the 6" e-ink models of Kindle versus Nook 1st Edition. You might want to think about whether a Nook Color is right for you and this will partly depend on what material you are reading. If you want to read colorful magazine content then Nook Color might be a good choice.

When looking at ereader comparisons you might want to consider Kindle DX which is the larger model. It is a lot more expensive but good if you want to have a larger screen or need to use large text. It also works well for content where the layout is important as you have more screen space to show the layout - such as for poetry or PDF files.

I have given you some ereader comparisons looking at Kindle versus Nook 1st Edition. In the end your decision on which ereader to buy will depend on what you have decided are your must have features - so be sure to draw up your own checklist before you buy.

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