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Fun Cases For Your Gadgets
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There are so many great products out to protect your gadgets these days.  The case that holds your gadget not only protects the device, but it also can emote a sense of your personality as well.  In addition, many cases can also hold other attributes…the use of "green" materials, fashion cases that are created by top name-brand designers, etc. 

So what do you look for when searching for the perfect case?  When I did a Google Search for "device case", I got 508,000,000 results.  Ouch.  Where do we start?  The first question is to determine the purpose of your case.  Is it to merely protect your product, therefore relinquishing all aesthetic purposes?  Is it to show your style and personality?  Is it to be a little more "green" and resourceful?  Perhaps a combination of a few of these.  Part of determining the kind of case might necessitate a "where does my device go?"  For example, a person who travels a lot for a living might want something sturdy and protective for their iPad while they are shuffling around airports and meetings.  A stay at home mom might not need as much protection, unless tiny sticky fingers are prone to smudging the screen! Below are some of the latest and most popular cases for your gadgets.  Some are functional.  Some are fun. 

The walnut and bamboo iPad case from Root Cases.  Currently they cover products for Apple only.  Their cause is a worthy one.  For every case that is purchased, Root Cases will work with Plant-It 2020 to plant a tree in a no-logging location.  They understand that while technology is moving forward, we should not forget our roots.  These cases are sleek, green, and sturdy as well as beautiful to look at.  You can see their products here.

Vintage Covers on Etsy sells just that. Vintage covers.  Get the look and nostalgia of a classic comic book, Disney story, or magazine cover with these unique creations.  For iPads and larger devices, Vintage Covers has 77 covers to choose from.  They are created with traditional book binding methods and authentic comic book, magazine, and book covers.

Otterbox is probably the sturdiest case out there for your gadget.  It is what covers both of our iTouch's (because, let's face it, a 5 year old and 7 year old aren't going to be as cautious as we'd like).  Not only is it the sturdiest, the cases come for multiple gadgets out there: Andriod, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, etc.  Not only that, but they have waterproof cases as well.  Genius.  Our gadgets aren't cheap!

Whatever the primary purpose for your case, rest assured you will find something that suits your needs online.  As mentioned above, there half of a billion results for cases out there.  Intimidating? Perhaps.  Not if you know what you're looking for.  Happy searching!  

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