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High Tech Devices A Blessing Or Curse
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High Tech Devices A Blessing Or Curse

I'm about to talk about high-tech devices, because

I love gadgets, I even horde broking gizmo gadget, is high-tech devices a blessing or curse? some people think high-tech devices are a curse, in this tech age world laptops, tablets, and smart devices are everywhere and they have check and proofreading, soon there will be no use for spelling test in schools. I read somewhere that hand writing (cursive) will be instinct. High tech devices are becoming a very big part of life. they create jobs and kill jobs all in the same breath.

High-tech phones

Phones use to only be for calling and listening to voice mail, cell phones can tell you direction to places, you can book airline tickets, shoot a video, download files from you laptop, they are mini computers.

Law enforcement tech

One day I had check the mail and to my surprise there was a fat ticket in the mail box I open the envelop and there I was in picture running a light. The police have a device that can pin point a gun shot.

they have a machine that takes fingerprints without using ink.

The magic tracking you kids

Having children brings on worries especially, when they are old enough to go outside on they own. Thanks to high tech devices you can download an app that will track movement of your kids. When they say they are at mall. you can check and see if they are at the mall with one push of the button, I know it sound like spying, but hey there you kids. When I was a kid, I told my parents I was at one place but end up at another place. I wasn't being deceitful, the party just moved to another location.

No more lost expensive devices

Losing a smart device is a big, I know because I lost a couple, until they made apps that can track your devices, sometime life is distracting, with picking up kids from school, dropping cloths off at the cleaners, doing some grocery shopping and in the process the Ipad got misplace, instead back tracking all the places you been to, Just pull out the smart phone pull up the app that tracks your Ipad to see the location of your device. instead of going to 5 places you only have to go to one place.

I don't see high-tech devices as being a curse, with all the thing that come with tech devices, The world will change in a good way.

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