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How Much Does A Wordpress Site Cost In Melbourne, Australia
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Any capable WordPress developer in Melbourne, Australia will admit a basic WordPress site costs little to create. The final tally, ranging from $952.11 Australian dollars (AUD) to $6664.76 AUD comes from a series of associated expenses. This article breaks down WordPress start-up costs so customers know exactly where their funds go.

As of January 2013, more people use WordPress blogging services than any other platform in the world. The program uses a content management system (CMS) that allows clients to publish content within a central database. CMS facilitates web development by allowing a WordPress developer to edit and add new website pages without the hassle of repeated file transfer protocol (FTP) uploads to an external server.

There are no costs associated with an initial WordPress layout. Unfortunately, the site would not be viewable on the Internet. An interview with a wordpress developer revealed what clients pay to get their websites up and running.

- Customers must obtain a domain name for each site. The Domain Name System (DNS) provides a unique online identifier for every website. Costs start around .48 AUD for a one-year registration. Clients renew DNS information on an annual basis or they forfeit the right to use that address.

- A hosting company places new sites on the live Internet. WordPress hosting costs approximately $3.77 AUD per month.

- Many clients opt for premium and custom WordPress themes with stunning graphics or features like a reader forum that give sites a more professional appearance. Prices range from several hundred to thousands of dollars depending on the design.

- WordPress developer fees range from flat rates starting around $285.63 AUD per project to hourly rates of $28.56 AUD. Wordpress design is an intricate and time-consuming process so clients should expect to pay higher rates for elaborate projects.

- The user-friendly nature of WordPress makes the program vulnerable to hackers and viruses. Companies now offer security and support specifically tailored to WordPress sites. Pricing starts around $38.08 AUD per month for system backup, daily malware scans and security threat fixes.

- Separate backup programs are available for a flat fee starting at $71.41 AUD. Backup is crucial in the event clients lose the original files. Files sit within a closely monitored central database for easy retrieval.

- Work hours associated with WordPress sites vary from a few eight-hour workdays to eight-weeks of exhaustive labour. Depending on the developer selected and the type of site, these costs range from the hundreds into the thousands of dollars.

Additional features that may come into play include shopping cart add-ons and an online merchant account for commerce websites. Creating additional pages so sites are compatible with mobile devices is another endeavour that increases the overall costs. In some cases, add-ons increase the total cost by approximately $6664.76 AUD.

Experts indicate that total costs depend on customer needs. Personal sites or smaller businesses may not require the intricacies needed by larger entities. Individuals with slightly more computer experience may save more on WordPress developer fees while novice users conserve work hours by outsourcing the project.

Start-up costs are just the tip of the iceberg. WordPress sites undergo daily upgrades and edits to keep information concise as possible. Clients should consider whether they would perform routine maintenance or outsource the procedure to an outside entity for an additional fee.

From small businesses to major corporations, everyone is enjoying the convenience of Wordpress websites. Even minimal budgets can produce a respectable web presence. People interested in a serious web presence should talk with a professional Wordpress developer Melbourne and devise a layout that meets their individual needs.

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