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How To Fix Blue Screen Of Death - What A Scary Description
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How To Fix Blue Screen Of Death   -   What A Scary Description

Have you got an error message on a blue background. For anyone receiving this for the first time, it could actually appear scary. Even the name implies disaster and it can actually mean that vital data contained on your hard drive can be permanently lost.

Therefore we need to find out how to fix this important computer issue.

What Is The Blue Screen Of Death:

The BSOD problem is actually more common than computer users realize. It is an error within the windows system that was actually designed to shut down the system when a serious problem was encountered.

As explained previously it displays the relevant terror on a blue screen win white text. These are usually in the form of hex codes which display as 0×00001.

Why Does It Happen.

The Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) error happens when the processor within your system goes into a computation loop where there is no escape. Eventually it does not know what to do and then it finally crashes.

This is when you will get a blue background with the error message. Various factors can cause this issue, but in the majority of cases it will originate within the computer registry.

Basically your computer will not work without this vital registry. This is where information about your applications and programs are stored. In addition essential drivers relating to your hardware are also stored. In essence it holds vital data and drivers to make the hardware and software run properly.

How To Prevent The BSOD

The best way to prevent this error occurring is to run a regular scan on your registry.

You can try and do this manually, but I would stress against proceeding down this path. The reason are twofold. First it will take you hours on end and secondly, unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing, you will only make the existing problems much worse.

Possible Driver Problems:

The problems could also be the result of a driver that is not compatible or needs updating. When removed or updated, you need to reboot your computer in order for the changes to take effect.

Another possible problem can be malware or spyware. If you have unwanted pop-ups appearing, please treat these as a warning sign and do not ignore them.

Against most of the problems listed above can be highlighted and removed safely and quickly by using a quality registry cleaner.

You will find them easy to install and use. They can highlight problems such as malware or spyware. You don't have to be a computer expert to use the product and these quality cleaners will provide good support.

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