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Ignore Your Phone When You Are With Your Friends
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Have you ever joined your friends for dinner at a restaurant, only to have one of your friends spend the evening on her phone, making and receiving calls and sending text messages? How did you feel? You probably felt unimportant and hurt, because her actions were telling you that her phone activities were more important to her than you were. Remembering how you felt, you know to put your phone away when you are with your friends. By putting it away, you and your friends can grow closer. You might even learn something from them.

One thing you might learn is that one of your classmates is interested in you. He has been watching you and smiling. Your friends think that he wants to ask you out. When you find out which classmate they are referring to, you are excited and happy. You agree with your friends that the boy is cute, and then you think to yourself that you will say ‘hi’ to him tomorrow and see what happens. You might learn other things from them, as well.

They might talk about getting together to try out for the track team. If you join them for the tryouts, and all of you make the team, you will be doing an activity together—an exciting activity that will allow you to stay fit, travel, and compete. They might also talk about activities that do not pertain to school.

Perhaps they are planning on a road trip to a nearby city this weekend, where they will go shopping and see a movie. You are eager to see the movie that they want to see, and you have an item that you have had your eye on. While you are out with them, you intend to buy it. Your phone, and the calls and messages that you receive on it, are all important, of course. While you should not be on your phone while you are out with your friends, it is important to stay in touch with the people in your life. Therefore, the next day, check your phone. Answer the texts, and return the phone calls that you missed. You might be very surprised.

One text might be from your grandmother, who misses you and wants to talk with you to see how you are doing. If you slow down and spend some time with your phone, you will also discover some calls you received. Take the time to return the calls and text messages. That way, the important people in your life will know that you are alright. You can then focus on what you need to do.

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