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Internet Explorer (ie) 10: Features To Look Forward To
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Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 is the latest version of the IE browser which would be released along with Windows 8 in the months to follow. The Redmond based company has been working on IE 10 to give users an enriched browsing experience, quite unlike its predecessors. Although Microsoft has not revealed much about its features, it would be in the market soon. It would therefore not be too early to talk about its new functions and added benefits that users might wish for.

The Internet Explorer 10 has witnessed sufficient decrease in popularity over the recent years after having faced tough competition from rivals. The current Internet Explorer 9 is a major improvement over the older version, but the browser still has lots of areas to improve upon. When the IE 10 comes out later this year, users will look forward to much more improvements to compliment the new features of Windows 8.

Here’s a list of five new improvements that users might look for.

Improvement in Security features

Microsoft’s image to provide a secured browser has been tarnished by tech reviewers and professionals over the years. Many say that Internet Explorer 6 was one of the least secure browsers ever released. However, Microsoft managed to salvage its reputation to quite a large extent with the later versions of the IE. Internet Explorer 9 is the most secure browser released by Microsoft till date. Users and critics would therefore expect much more enhancement in security when Internet Explorer releases.

Retention of Power Efficiency

The Internet Explorer 9 is a major improvement over its predecessors also because of its power efficiency. The Windows based laptops that run Internet Explorer 9 have been found to last longer on battery. For business users, power efficiency is an essential factor towards the popularity of any browser. Enterprises always seek equipments that are less power hungry, thereby giving a longer battery life. Hence, if Internet Explorer 10 proves to be power efficient, it could be embraced by a larger section of users.

Speedier performance

Another major reason behind Internet Explorer’s unpopularity is its slow speed. When Google released Chrome, it easily toppled the Internet Explorer with its responsive nature. However, as mentioned earlier, Internet Explorer 9 was once again an improvement over the older versions with fast page loading time. The speed of Internet Explorer 9 is almost at par with Mozilla Firefox 4 browser. Likewise, users would expect a much faster browser in Internet Explorer 10.

Support for multiple platform

Internet Explorer 9 is compatible only with Windows 7 and Vista. This deprives Windows XP users the privilege to work on a fast and secure browser. If Internet Explorer 10 needs to be popularized, Microsoft will have to ensure that it is compatible with all the recent versions of Windows. However, it wouldn’t be an easy task on Microsoft’s part considering the fact that rivals Chrome and Firefox are available across all platforms.

Making Frequent Updates Rational

Microsoft tends to come out with frequent updates to its browser. This often causes inconvenience to users who become accustomed with a particular layout of tabs and buttons. That is not too big an issue as long as the updates are justified. However, if users do not find the frequent updates worthwhile, it could once again lead to failure of the browser.

Microsoft has got a lot of things to work on before Internet Explorer becomes as popular as its rival browsers. The release preview of Windows 8 depicts Microsoft’s tremendous potential to redefine desktop computing. It has won rave reviews. Users can expect many new and beneficial features to be incorporated in the Internet Explorer 10. There cannot be a doubt that Microsoft is revved up to elevate its lagging behind status with stiff competition from rivals. The industry can therefore anticipate a holistic new browser.

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