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Ipad Cases And Covers: Making The Right Choice
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So you have just purchased a brand new iPad 2. Congratulations!

If you are like most people you will immediately start looking at the many iPad cases and covers on the market. It is natural that you want to protect your sizable investment. The portability of the iPad makes it likely you are going to carry it around with you more often than any other electronic device besides maybe your mobile phone. The freedom of portability comes at a cost - the risk of damaging our iPad through accidental drops, spills, scratches, and scrapes. But, by making the right choice in choosing from the many available iPad cases and covers you can confidently carry your device with you wherever you go.

There are two main bad things that can happen to your iPad - dropping it or getting it wet.

Dropping your iPad can scratch the exterior shell of the iPad. The shock from dropping the iPad can even make significant cracks on the glass surface. If you plan to carry your iPad in a purse or backpack with other things, then the iPad will be jostled against whatever is in those bags and has the risk of being scratched.

One of the best iPad cases and covers on the market for protecting from drops and scrapes is the OtterBox iPad 2 Defender Series case. This rugged case protects the front, back, and corners of the iPad by using a polycarbonate shell with a foam interior. However, this case does not offer any water resistance or waterproof protection.

A good waterproof iPad case will protect your iPad from splashes, spills and even being submerged in water. Solid options in this category include the DryCASE Tablet Water-Proof Case for iPad/iPad 2 and Aquapac Submersible iPad Waterproof Case. But, while waterproof iPad cases provide great protection from water, they don't provide any significant amount of protection from scratches, scrapes, or drops.

So, to make the decision of which of the many iPad cases and covers is right for you, first consider where you plan to use your iPad. If you want to use it in places like the kitchen, near the pool or at the beach, you should consider getting a waterproof iPad case. Alternatively, if you plan on using your iPad for work or school, a solid case that provides shock and scratch protection should be sufficient.

But, when presented two valid choices, typically I chose both. So, it may make sense to purchase one of each kind of iPad cases and covers and use which ever one makes sense based on what you are doing with the iPad at the time. Additionally, many of the waterproof iPad cases and covers are sleeves or bags which you could use in addition to a rugged case.

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