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Iphone SLR Mount Case: Serious Iphone 4 Photography
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Iphone SLR Mount Case: Serious Iphone 4 Photography

I think this would be filed under one of those “things that make you go hmmm.” Hopefully, more and more people are becoming familiar with the idea of protecting and personalizing their iPhones with skins and even unique, custom cases. While you’re becoming more comfortable with that idea, I’d like to introduce you to another purpose for an iPhone case . . . to mount you’re $3000 camera lens. Think of the possibilities!

It likely started to kick into full swing when the iPhone 3GS came out with the upgraded camera and added video feature; people have become enamored with the idea of taking photographs with their iPhone. Not just funny little pics to e-mail or post on the web, but serious photographs. Take a look around the web, as there are places popping up daily, discussing the topic, sharing photos, instruction on how to take some incredible shots with your mild-mannered iPhone. Take one look through Apple’s App store at the apps related to sharing, editing and otherwise optimizing your iPhone shots. Wouldn’t it be great if someone found a way to add a powerful zoom . . . be able to utilize depth of field and manual focusing. Today is your lucky day.

Take a look at Photojojo’s iPhone SLR Mount Case. The case is made of aluminum and has 2 loops for your camera strap, as well as a 2 tripod attachments (for horizontal and vertical mounting) and a special UV filter.

The mount comes in 2 flavors; one with a mount adapter for Nikon lenses, another with a mount adapter for Canon lenses. Since the Nikon mount adapter is really an F-mount adapter, it works with all Nikon lenses. Just think, you can attach a macro, wide angle, telephoto or even a prime fixed 50mm to it for the absolute best iPhone 4 pictures you will ever get. One note is that the Canon mount adapter only fits EOS lenses, not EF-S or FD lenses. Having all these capabilities will set you back about $249 . . . not too steep if your iPhone 4 pictures are serious business. Shipping is set to begin at the end of August.

If you’re already salivating over how great your iphone 4 pictures are going to be with this new case mount, don’t forget about all the great HD video you could shoot as well! If you are serious at all about iPhone 4 photography, especially if you already have these types of lenses, this may be too good to resist. I have to admit, this case mount is very tempting. What do you think . . . are you gonna get one?

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