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Iphone5 Cases
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Iphone5 Cases

Did your iPhone just bust out a move in our hand and flip out....onto the ground? Are you a little scared that after all your hard earned money has been spent on that expensive phone that it might break, no, shatter into a million pieces? Maybe a bit melodramatic there, but this is a pressing issue in our society! If you are looking for some advice then just down and enjoy!

Your phone's safety

After the hefty price tag, do you really want to spend another 50 to 80 buckaroos to fix a cracked screen? Of course you don't! Your a proactive, forward thinking, intelligent person! Now, don't be lulled into a sense of laziness just because your your awesomeness, you still need to protect your baby, your precious, your gift. Interested? Good, as your interest might just save your phone...maybe.

What to do?

Now that you know that you don't want a broke phone you want to, no, need to know how to protect that communications device. The path to safety is easier than you think as there are only four steps. Step One is to make sure your phone isn't already broken. If it isn't then you may proceed to Step Two, if not, then i'm sorry you've been eliminated from survivor.....oops! Wrong state of mind! back to the issue at hand. Step two is to decide what kind of protection you want. Do you want lighter protection with more style, or a hefty case that a kamikaze could wreak? or maybe your looking for a hybrid case, one that can offer good protection but with some personality in its cold stare. Step Three is to now locate that sought after case with all you have, because for all you know some guy living in his mom's basement is looking for that same case! We'll go over more of that aspect in the next segment. The fourth and final Step is to order said case and eagerly await its arrival at your doorstep. Once it arrives you'll then attach it to your communications device and it will now be protected from most (if not all) dangers.

How to locate said case

Now that you have the mental image of the type of phone case you want, lets talk about actual brands of cases. Ill divide y'all into three camps. The heavy defense, the light defense with a lot of flair and the hybrid camp with its excellent if pricey protection again the elements. For the users who find that they drop their phone a lot you might want to check out the "Otterbox" series called "Defender" for all your throw-down needs. For the hybrid camp, you'll want to check out a brand called "Lifeproof". They basically protect your phone from These cases are shock, water, dust and dirt proof. They also happen to be the most expensive case in this article with an average price of 74.50$. The last and final camp is the light weights! This group pride themselves on their flair rather than total protection. Basically these with offer the standard drop protection with not that much else. They do however offer the most color options and cost the least on this list! The cream of this crop is for sure the brand called "Belkin" and their series "grip" encapsulates this category perfectly.

Now what?

So far we have covered the why and how of the all important cases. Now we need to talk about the when. I'd suggest to try to acquire one of these cases as fast or slow as you want. Im not going to pressure you to rush out and make a purchase all willy-nilly. Please, go out and do your own research and see if you can find any other great cases! If you do find any other cases please comment on them below! Thank you for your time.

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