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Is 3d A Gimmik?
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Is 3d A Gimmik?

3D Is A Gimmick Or Is It?

With more and more 3D content coming out on the market some people see it as a gimmick or even a selling point for bad movies and games. 3D can also be a wonderful part of a movie or a game when done the right way. Some see all 3D as being the same when their are many different aspects to 3D and many things that makes quality 3D entertainment so good to watch. With so much 3D content out there should be a rating system just for 3D to rate the quality to help debunk 3D as being a gimmick.

3D Glasses

3D glasses contribute to the ideas of 3D being a gimmick because if it's so great why can't it be done without the glasses. It can and is major development as we speak for use at movie theaters and home entertainment systems but it's also available now via the Nintendo 3DS and HTC EVO 3D which are two devices that don't require 3D glasses to operate which are fun and not gimmick devices.

3D Should Have A Rating

There's good 3D and there's bad 3D so why not create a rating system for 3D content. We rate everything else to help us out the find out the quality of products so why not 3D. If there was a system implemented to rate the quality of 3D content and also if it was created in 3D or just converted to 3D. It would help to expel the idea of 3D as a gimmick.

Have You Tried It ?

Before you call it a gimmick have you tried it? A friend once told me if you don't like 3D you havent tried it or you don't have the money to upgrade. When he said that i currently didn't have a 3D tv but when i had enough money to upgrade i found truth in his statements i found myself enjoying all 3D entertainment from my favorite video games to my favorite sports team playing on tv in full hd 3D which is great.

3D Is Not A Gimmick

3D is not a gimmick its a form of enhancing the way we view our already great entertainment. While some see it has a gimmick it is not but 3D can be used as a selling point for some content. While some may not like 3Dglasses they do have device without glasses. There also should be a system implemented to rate 3D to stop some companies from abusing it just to make sales. Last don't knock it till you try it don't call it a gimmick untill you watch a 3D movie or play a 3D game in the comfort of your home.

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