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Is It Okay To Spy On Your Kid’s Mobile Phones?
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Is It Okay to Spy on Your Kid’s Mobile Phones?

I have 3 kids, Eric 15, Julie 13, and Chaz 12 and I think they are great kids, but I don’t believe that any of them have fully developed executive functioning. In fact, there are studies that suggest boys may not have a completely matured executive function until the age of 40!

Executive functioning is the part of the brain that makes reasoned judgments about the choices a person makes and kids just don’t have it. That is why they need parents and parent’s that are willing to spy on their cell phones.

Still, there are those who balk at the idea of spying on their kid’s phones because they think that it means they don’t trust their kids.

Trust but Verify

As President Regan said, “trust, but verify.” That is still great advice when it comes to kids and their cell phones. If you think about it, this is probably what you have done since your kids were small. When they were playing in the back yard or their rooms, you probably kept an ear open to hear what they were doing.

I realized this when my kids began begging for cell phones. At first I just said no, but then I learned about cell phone spy applications that you could put on your kids phones to monitor their activities. These apps are invisible once you activate them, but they still send all of the phone’s activities to either your inbox or to a special website where you can monitor it.

These apps also allow you to see the physical location of your kid’s phones in real time. With some you can even activate your kid’s phone’s mic and listen in on what’s going on around the device.

The Deal I Made With My Kids

Once I discovered this cell phone monitoring software, I called the kids together and explained how it worked and that if they wanted cell phone’s I’d get them each one, but that the phone would be monitored with one of these apps.

They gladly agreed and so the deal was done. I wanted to try out these apps ahead of time to see if they worked so I looked for Cell phone Monitoring apps free, big mistake, I ended up with a computer virus.

Finally I selected a great cell phone spy app and put it on each child’s phone. I feel safe now and I can check up on my kids at anytime. I have been able to guide them through a cyber-bulling incident and in at least 3 occasions we were able to quickly recover lost cell phones.

If you plan on getting cell phones for you kids, I highly recommend you get a good monitoring app to put on each phone

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