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Kids Do Not Need Cell Phones
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A kid needs many things in order to live a good life. For example, he needs a loving family, food, clothing, shelter, friends, a good education, and proper health care. He does not need a cell phone, however.

One reason why a kid does not need a cell phone is because he could lose it. In most cases, he did not save up the money to buy it. His parents bought it for him. Because he did not buy it, he may be irresponsible with it. He might leave it on the school bus, for example. He will then come home from school without his phone, and his parents will be upset. They will be angry that he lost something that cost them so much. The worry that the child will lose the phone is not the only reason why he does not need one, however.

Another reason why a child does not need a cell phone is because most children are not good with money. They do not understand that cell phones run on minutes, and minutes are not free. Someone must buy them in order for the phone to be usable. Because they do not understand this, they are bound to make many calls. They call their friends and talk for hours, for example. They might also call outside the country, which will be expensive. Children do need to be safe, however, and their parents need to know where they are.

Many kids like to get dropped off at a friend’s house after school. Rather than having his own phone for the purpose of making this call, a child can use the phone at his friend’s house. After making this quick call, his parents will know where he is. He can then continue playing, and his parents can go on with what they were doing. Then, at a specified time, they can go pick him up.

Rather than having a cell phone as a child, it makes more sense to get one as a teenager. Teenagers begin holding jobs. They need a phone so that their supervisors and coworkers can get in touch with them. Many teens also drive. Therefore, they need a phone in case they get in trouble on the road.

Children should enjoy their childhood. Play with toys, and have sleepovers at friends’ houses. Then, when they get older, they can get a phone.

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