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Know What Dell Has En - Stored For The Year 2014; By Learning About Its New Line Of Products
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Know What Dell Has En  -  stored for the Year 2014; By Learning About Its New Line Of Products

Dell, the computer giant in the U.S., has introduced for users outnumbering devices covering everything from desktops, laptops to other mobile devices. To keep walking on this path, new machines from Dell are released every new year. Just to help users who are planning to buy a new laptop, tablet or any other device soon, but are waiting for Dell to release its roadmap of products for 2014, here is a quick overview.

Devices ranging from Dell XPS 13 to the Dell Venue 8 Pro, it encompasses all others which will become a part of the Dell family this year.

  1. The first and most talked about device on this front is the 2nd generation Dell Venue 8 Pro, which is a Windows tablet from Dell. The same has been codenamed as Bell aire 2 and will be launched in the third quarter of 2014.
  2. Next is the Dell Venue 11 Pro Tablet, which has been code named as the Junction 2 and Midland 2, the two tablets will also be released in the third quarter of this year.
  3. Another one is the Dell Venue 11 Pro, which will come equipped with a 64-bit BayTrail Central Processing Unit, CPU, which will be released somewhere in between April to June of 2014.
  4. Next in line is the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook which will come with QHD Touch Display choice and the Broadwell CPU and will be launched in the third quarter of 2014, with prices anticipated to lie somewhere around $999.
  5. Another one is the Dell XPS 18 portable desktop that will come with Full High Definition display, and Haswell ULT CPU and will be released in the month of April this year.
  6. Next is the Dell XPS 27 all-in-one computer which will come with 27 inch QHD display and top of the line GPU, CPU options. This machine from Dell will be unveiled in the month of April this year.
  7. Last in this list is the New Dell Inspiron 13, which is a two in one device that will come with Full High Definition display and touchscreen. The same can be bought in the July of 2014.

Above is the product roadmap for Dell for the year 2014, these upcoming products from the company are anticipated to add to the fan following greatly.

Understanding everything about every new machine released from the Dell family is simply out of scope for users. Someone who makes it easy are the Dell technical support experts, who serve at not just the home company but at many third party service providers as well.

SupportMart is one such company involved in presenting dedicated Dell support for all Dell machines, which can be instantly availed by calling just once on the Dell technical support phone number 24x7/365!

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Touchscreens always fascinated me. I used them when they were bleeding edge... ah my age is showing?;)

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