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My Computer Takes So Long To Load - I'm Going To Scream
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My Computer Takes So Long To Load  -  I\'m Going To Scream

Is your laptop or PC taking a long time to load and over all the system is running too slow.

Unfortunately wishing the problem would mend itself will not sort out the issues, you need to take action. There can be various reasons for these problems happening.

1) Hardware Issues:

These can be PSU or hard disk related. In addition it can be related to issues related to your printer, HUB or scanner. The loading of your system can be disturbed by a splash screen.

Over time, you will find that new programs will take up more space and also higher specifications. It's important to remember that for your system to work at an optimum speed there needs to be a percentage of free space on the hard drive.

2) Problems With The Software:

If any of the programs or applications are not installed correctly, then can can make the system hang and not load correctly. This problem will likely occur when we user our computers frequently.

Through frequent use, we will be adding and removing software and because the programs are not being removed properly, files will become missing and corrupt. When the computer performance slows down, this is usually an indication of problems existing within the computer registry.

3) DLL Errors:

Additional registry errors are DLL errors and also a Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD). The BSOD issue is a form of your system crashing. This can happen when the the system has entered a loop as it tries to sort out a problem. When it can find no answer, it has to crash in order to save what data is on the computer at that time.

4) Viruses:

Another problem can be a virus that has been loaded unknowingly unto the system. One of the warning signs is popup ads suddenly appearing.

Please do not ignore these warning signs as malware or spyware can monitor your keystrokes and gain access to private and personnel information such as credit card details and usernames and passwords. Therefore, you must not ignore these signs because as explained previously, it can lead to serious problems.

The safest and best approach in solving this issue is to use a quality registry cleaner from an established company that will provide a guarantee when buying and give support for any problems which you encounter on installing the software on your machine. Make sure that it can fix registry errors, remove malware and protect your privacy.

Make sure you do your proper research and ensure whatever registry cleaner you choose, has those features before you buy. Good luck.

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