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Mystery Of Google X
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Mystery of Google X

Whats Going On?

I have heard little bits here and there about Google X, the mystery lab of Google's vast empire somewhere in the Bay area of Silicon Valley but even most Google employee's do not anything about it or exactly where it is. I looked for information and found out some interesting things are supposedly going on there. An article written in the New York Times by Claire Cain Miller and Nick Belton claim that Google is really doing a lot of research with the robot world. It makes me think about the Jetson's robot who would fetch slippers and do various things for the family members on the cartoon. The air cars they traveled in according to the article this is also being experimented with at the lab now that is really cool, imagine getting out of rush hour traffic! If we could have travel both on the road and above it would have to lessen your commute. Electric cars below, air travel cars above just think of the possibilities.

Total Internet Access to Everything in Your Home

Some of the other things that are being tested and tried out are linking the Internet to many things in your home including your appliances. Your can check your refrigerator at work,to see if you need milk or eggs and have them ordered. Have a light bulb turned on your temperature adjusted before you come home. Imagine having a robot gathering your things before you reach the door tired from your job. He or she or it I guess, has your slippers a drink and your favorite news channel on your big screen T.V. turned on and greets you with a charming voice of your choice, good evening Mr.Smith, everything is ready for you. Or better yet you sent the robot to your job for you while you hang out at home controlling it form your laptop. Hey don't think these things are impossible they may have robots at Google X lab right now doing things we would not imagine.

Seigly Bin, Co-Founder of Google Loves Robots!

If you have have a chance read an older article also published in the Times by Ashlee Vance from June 2010. It relays a story about Seigly Bin teaching a course at NASA's Singularity University via robot. The thing was from what I understanda little kooky looking, the body was about the size of a small office printer with wheels and the head was a screen with Mr. Bin's face glowing from it, you could ask him questions as well as listen to the lecture. He was controlling the whole thing from miles away on his computer. Imagine the money this can save as well for businesses, schools and hospitals around the world if this technology can be perfected. The less money spent on airline tickets, hotels and rental cars.

Way Up In The Sky

Lastly besides the robot land at Google X there may be also a thing called "space elevators" that these tech geniuses are looking at. This is all about sending things up into our solar systems, and since Google is already collecting data on let's face it everything on earth pretty much why stop there. If you can find the exact street where you used to live at twenty years ago, I mean I have even found the house, the street, backyard, incredible through Google Map. Just think of what lies ahead in the future or what they are doing at the mystery lab? If the vast amount of Google employees don't know I guess we won't find out ourselves until they want us to but we can use what little information we have and let our imaginations fly.

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