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No Ipad For You! Apple Clerk Judges A Farsi - Speaking Georgia Teen As A Potential Terrorist Threat?
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No Ipad For You! Apple Clerk Judges A Farsi  -  Speaking Georgia Teen As A Potential Terrorist Threat?

Sarah Sabet, an Indian-American teen in Georgia enters an Apple Store in Georgia with her family member to select an iPad as a gift for her cousin. When Sarah spoke with her family member in Farsi - A native language from Iran, the Apple Store Clerk (name not disclosed) overheard the conversation spoken he asked where Sarah was from and responded she hailed from Iran which led to the abrupt ion from the clerk to say, "I can't sell this to you.Our Countries have bad relations." Leading to Sarah leaving the store heart-broken just being a victim of racial profiling when all she wanted was to purchase a Apple product for a gift for her cousin.

With the ordeal with Iran still fresh in the minds of American Citizens it is understandable to-be skeptical around "foreign" individuals related to hostile countries but where do draw the line,when can we accept that these individuals be lumped into their nation's decisions to be hostile but rather trying to live out their lives as a regular US Citizen, how can we judge who can be a potential terrorist and who is not, do we need to perform background checks every time the red alert in our minds goes off, this is such a controversial topic where do you even side with? .

When Sarah returned to the store to confront the discrimination,the manager was quick to point out Apple's Export Policy mentioning Iran to be one of several prohibited countries for exports,prohibiting any kind of market trade with Iran without the federal governments permission due to fear of being used against us. Catching wind of this, the National Iranian American Council notified Apple to discuss the policy guidelines in making sure discrimination solely on Iran-Americans wasn't happening.

The Controversy behind this event was alarming with Humanitarian Groups re-examining Apple's Export Policy as an open window for racial discrimination to occur with prejudice most often to occur from it.

A Spokesperson from Apple told Daily News, "That Apple retail stores are proud to serve customers from around the world, of every ethnicity. Our Apple stores are proud to host multicultural ethics as an important part of our culture. Apple doesn't discriminate." The question here is does Apple honor their equal rights no discrimination policy after just this racial profiling episode?

Well after her ordeal, Sarah contacted Apple's Customer Relations where she was give an apology and told she was allowed to purchase an iPad online, which led me to think Why Apple did not just give the girl an iPad as an apology after all this? Is Apple correct in how they handled the situation and how they resolved it?

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Joan S  

Very interesting article Jacob. Seems ridiculous to me. That girl is in this country, not Iran. I believe the law is for exporting to Iran. I agree with you that Apple needed to offer an apology. It's upsetting to hold a country's political behavior against an individual living in our country. We have many lovely Iranians living in America. They're not happy with the political scene in Iran either. Can't assume everyone is a terrorist. Sad. Speaking of that, I was representing a resource for Persian oriental rugs in the collectible section of my website. Our country can't import Persian rugs anymore because of the embargo. No import, no export.

  about 1 decade ago

Its a shame our country is so worried about "weapons of mass destruction" that we miss out on the finer things in life a different culture brings to us Thanks Joan

  about 1 decade ago

Sometimes our morality in what we believe to be right or wrong conflicts with what we believe the worst case scenario could happen as a consequence impairing our judgement in a situation.Its a controversy where I believe no matter how you many times you look at it there's no such thing as a right or wrong answer I would have rather try to understand what this 19 year old girl must be feeling after the racial discrimination towards her for no fault of her own that would have been my first thought if I was in that Apple Clerks shoes, Thanks Rob for your insight

  about 1 decade ago

I know it must be difficult for countries half at war with each other to not want to supply such items, but with things as they are, one can purchase this item over the Internet and have it delivered to virtually any country in the world, and from there it can end up anywhere. It just seems so narrow minded to me to say our policy is not to export to a country, but anyone can actually buy one at a store and send it anywhere....

  about 1 decade ago
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