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Nuclear Disaster In Japan Renews Interest In Solar Energy Worldwide
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Given the events of the past few weeks in Japan people world-wide are turning their thoughts to alternative sources of energy that are more environmentally friendly. One of the alternative sources being researched is Solar Energy.

The subject of this discourse is to give you a viable alternative to Nuclear and Fossil Fuels. This alternative is our very own Sun. The Sun is a tireless source of energy constantly shining upon our earth an average of 10/14 hours per day at any given place. I would like to share with you the many benefits of Solar Energy and where you can find the best sources of Do It Yourself Technology available today. Your best bet is to find programs that have comprehensive, easy to understand instructions for constructing your solar panels and the ease of obtaining your Solar Cells.

Contrary to popular belief you do not need a lot of money to build your own Solar Farm. Some of the many benefits of Solar Energy is the cost. People believe that Solar Energy is extremely expensive. This is definitely not the case. You may build a working 100 Watt Solar Panel for your home for less than $200.00. This is a very significant saving over purchasing prefabricated panels and there are no shipping charges as you are building them in your own backyard. Building your own Solar Panels does not need a big investment in tools as you probably have all the tools you need to build these panels as they are common household tools.

Another plus is that they are non-polluting, and there is no expensive maintenance charges. With enough Solar Panels you can live completely off of the grid. Another plus is that you can sell your excess power back to the power companies themselves. Great feeling to have the power companies paying you for a change. There are also significant Government subsidies available to you when you use alternative energy sources.

I would like to recommend that you follow the link below as it is the most comprehensive and complete site that I have found online. Not only do they have complete step-by-step instructions that are clearly written and easy to understand but they also include easy to read diagrams. For those who are more visually oriented they also include a series of video tapes showing you exactly how to build and assemble your solar panels.

Five great reasons for building your very own Solar Panels...

1. It Works 2. It Saves Money 3. It Saves The Environment 4. Satisfaction Guaranteed 5. ITS FUN!!!

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