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SoftXperience-Note Everything/Pro-Android App Review
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SoftXperience-Note Everything/Pro-Android App Review

Since the dawn of the smartphone, I have been the type of guy to do everything with my phone. Last time I checked, that was the whole point. Not only do we make calls, we take pictures, record video, update our statuses, browse the web...heck, smartphones even have alarm clocks looking for a new job.

One of the things I keep handy on my HTC Evo is a notepad app for keeping track of to-do lists, ideas, or maybe just a quick plug at a product I want to buy. Today I am reviewing SoftXperience's Note Everything.

Look and Feel

When you first install the app, you are greeted with an important message. It gives you the basic warning about keeping both the free and pro versions installed, and not to accidentally delete the free version because your notes will be gone. Good to know. After that, you get a "What's New" page that details the latest changes in previous versions. Again, good to know.

Upon closing that, you will see the main page. It's fairly self-explanatory from here, as you would want to tap the + button to add a note. When you do, you get to see all the wonderful options that this app provides. You can create a simple text note, paint note (drawing), voice note (voice recording), photo note, checklist, durable checklist, gallery note (picture), video note, Note from barcode, or a note imported from Google docs. Note: Some of these features are only available in the pro version.

A Side Note: This app is what I would call a "double-edged sword" because the layout is simple, but the app itself is powerful. While some users may not like the lack of flair in their note-taking app, other users may prefer it. Personally, I like this app because it doesn't try to be too flashy. It gives me all of the great features that I want in a straightforward manner.

Checklists and Durable Checklists (Pro Version)

While many of the types of lists are self-explanatory, there are two different types of checklists within Note Everything. A standard checklist is one you should be familiar with. It allows you to add an item into the list, and then place a checkmark next to it when you have completed the task or aquired the item. Once you have completed the list, you must either delete the items or tasks, or you could uncheck them and begin again.

A durable checklist has become my new favorite because of it's practicality. With a durable checklist, you add the items or tasks just like in a standard checklist. This is where the similarities stop. Inside a durable checklist, you have three tabs: All, Need, and Done. When you check off a task or item in a durable checklist, it automatically moves that item to the "Done" tab, keeping your "Need" tab free of clutter. If you prefer to still see all of the items on your list, you can select the "All" tab. I really enjoy the durable checklist because it allows you to keep using it as long as you want without having to delete everything to keep it manageable. It literally cleans up your checklist as you complete it.

Additional Features

In the preferences tab, you can fine-tune almost everything about your checklists. You have the option to change the font, color, spacing of icons, sorting preferences, notifications, and more. While it may not be flashy, it sure is packed with flexibility. Have you ever had an app that comes chocked full of flashy meaningless features that bug you like crazy with notifications and "tips"? I have, and it stinks. Note Everything is just the opposite. It is packed full of useful features that you don't notice until you want to see them. That's the way every app should be.

Backups (Pro Version)

Every app should have a way to save your information, but unfortunately not all of them do. Note Everything has a built-in backup feature that allows you to backup your lists and notes right to your SD card. Should you ever mistakenly uninstall the app, you can easily restore your lists and notes by reinstalling the app and restoring from the SD card. You can even set up the app to perform automatic backups at certain intervals. Easy as pie.


Note Everything is as straightforward of a note-taking app as they come. It is a simple and powerful tool that should have come standard on Android phones. Since it doesn't, I recommend you at least try it out. With the feature-packed full version, you are sure to get a ton of use out of this well-implemented utility.

If you would like to to try Note Everything, a feature limited version is free in the Android Market, and the Pro version is only $4.30. For an app like this, giving up one my Abe Lincoln's is a bargain and a half.

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