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The 12 Most Bizarre Android Apps
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The 12 Most Bizarre Android Apps

As you have probably already noticed, there are a ton of of Android apps in the Android Market. Today, we look at some of the most unique and bizarre apps out there. Check them out. You probably won’t find anything else like them.

12. Moon 3D-Free (Moon 3D Glow-$0.99)

If you are a werewolf, or you’re just trying to avoid the caliber of people that seem to venture out during a full moon, you need Moon 3D. This app allows you to see when the moon phases in 3D on your phone, and even narrows it down by hemisphere. You can put in a date in the past or future and see what the moon phase will be. Explore the moon’s surface from your phone by rotating and zooming to view detail. The app includes a widget, and can be installed on your SD card if you aren’t planning on using the widget.

11. Instant Buttons-Free

Instant Buttons is not unique because it’s a soundboard app. It’s unique because it uses a fun, old-school arcade-like interface. It’s also different because most soundboard apps feature a common theme, like a movie, show, or a funny character. Not Instant Buttons. This app features sounds from all of your favorite internet crazes, hilarious sitcoms, and nostalgic video games. Just when you thought the novelty factor was worn away after pressing the buttons and laughing through tears, you also get the capability to use any of the sounds as a widget, ringtone, or notification. Now you can pound the most obnoxious noises into the heads of all your friends and family! Yay for eviction!

10. Wire Goggles- Free/$1.99

There are a lot of camera apps available in the Android Market, but few of them are as cool as this. Too many camera apps out there just take a normal picture, and then add special effects afterward. Wire Goggles applies the special wireframe effect in real-time, allowing you to see how the pic will look before you take it. Even better, it records video in the same style. You finally have the app you need to film your own version of A-Ha’s “Take On Me.”

9. Crazy Text Plugin- $0.99

For the avid texter, Crazy Text Plugin is a great tool to add some flavor to your texts. Choose from 20 different styles of text fonts to stand out in your texts to friends, family, and coworkers. This app has some great potential, and with a few updates, crazy texts plugins such as this one will be the texting standard.

8. Pixel Zombies Live Wallpaper- $0.99

For you zombie lovers, Pixel Zombies Live Wallpaper is just the thing to quench your thirst for brains. Watch right from your homescreen as a small group of resistance fighters hold off hordes of zombies. Will they overcome all the zombies and survive? C’mon, think back on all the zombie movies you’ve watched…Do they EVER make it out alive?

7. Lacing Art- Free

Lacing Art is an app that I wish I would have thought of. How many of you reading this wish you could’ve gotten in on a fashion fad back when it was cool, but you found out about it too late? Yeah, that’s me. Fifteen years ago, I would’ve been the big man on campus if I could do this stuff with my shoes. Now, I would just be labeled too immature for adult conversation. If you’re young (or just young at heart), you should check this app out. It’s little things like this that could get you that cute cheerleader you’ve been drooling over, or that skater guy that’s been too busy pulling 900′s to notice you.

6. Live ATC for Android- $2.99

If you do any amount of consistent flying, Live ATC will be well worth the 3 dollars. No one likes delays and/or cancellations, so instead of being left in the dark waiting at the gate, just download this app and do some eavesdropping! Listen in to control towers around the world and never again wonder if your flight will be called to board while you’re hanging on for dear life in the men’s room stall. Damn airline food.

5. Stack It Easy/Stack It- Free/$1.00

Stack it is a pretty straightforward stacking game. What makes this game unique is the “creepy” factor. You can’t tell me that stacking various shapes with these faces on them doesn’t creep you out at least a little bit. Maybe that’s the point; All of those creepy eyes staring at me is enough to make me screw up.

4. Let’s Create! Pottery- $4.76

What better way to spend your lunch break than making pottery? Now you don’t have to haul your pottery wheel around in the back of your Civic. Let’s Create! Pottery does exactly what it boasts. Open the app, spin the wheel and sculpt the pot of your dreams. While this is actually a great idea for pottery enthusiasts who need to record their ideas right away, it would also be a bit creepy to see your hippie girlfriend whip out her phone and start sculpting in the middle of starbucks. Ah, who are we kidding? She’s pretty weird without this app.

3. BathingCat- Free

If it isn’t obvious what this app is for, then you have no business owning an Android. I mean, who doesn’t know that a cat in a wooden tub taking a bath is synonymous with your battery? Yep, that’s right, this cute little kitty is a battery widget. The water level changes based on your battery level, and so does the cat’s mood. If you are a cat person, download this widget and put this cat to work looking after your battery. When you’ve got that set up, keep your kitty in line by downloading Soundhound and watch the fur fly.

2. Seeds of Life Live Wallpaper- $1.59

Yeah, you are seeing that right. That’s sperm swimming across your Android homescreen. This is by far one of the most unique live wallpapers I have ever seen. Along with the “gross” factor, this wallpaper is definetely a conversation starter. Just don’t go showing it to any women at the bar unless you are trying to remain alone for the rest of your life.

1. Marijuana Encyclopedia- $1.99

Duuuuude. Everything you could possibly want to know about your favorite recreational appetite inducer is in this app. Better get some pizzas before you sit down to read this one. Oh yeah, and get some Funyuns. Yeeeeaaahh. Funyuns.

So there you have it, 12 of the most bizarre Android apps. If you can think of any others, let me know. This is only 12 of them; There's got to be more.

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