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The Portable Breathalyzer World Today
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The Portable Breathalyzer World Today

Let’s talk about portable breathalyzers and what they mean to you, your community and everyone’s safety. Portable breathalyzers have been around for many years, although current technology has allows them to drop significantly in price and are no longer just a tool of law enforcement. In fact, they’re becoming almost routine to have across bars, campus and businesses around the country.

The reason I’m passionate about breathalyzers is that they save lives. They have saved my life. They may have saved yours at one point.

It’s a fact, portable breathalyzers save lives. No longer a tool that law enforcement uses on the side of the road, today’s portable breathalyzer is designed for you to keep on your person, in your glove box, console or purse. It’s designed to be small and accurate. It’s designed to give you an indication that you or your loved one has had too much to drink and that another method of transportation is needed.

Sure but how do they save lives? Easy. One blow and you know. At that point, you must have enough judgment in you to decide to put the keys down. Put the keys down and you will not have a head on with a tree, or worse, an innocent family passing by you. It’s really that simple.

Another reason people have portable breathalyzers is for parties and events at home. Let’s say you have a back yard barbecue and have a bunch of your friends over. After burgers and beer, it’s time for them to go home for the evening. Everyone’s been drinking and having a great time. Why risk that one of your friends get a DUI or worse? Break out the portable breathalyzer, give everyone their own mouthpiece (yep it’s that easy) and ensure everyone is safe to drive. I guarantee they’ll thank you.

Saving money. How can a portable breathalyzers save you money? Simple. On average in the United States, a DUI will cost just over $10,000. That’s a lot of money in my book and I’m sure in yours too. Would knowing that you’re too intoxicated to drive change your tune if you had to shell out $10,000 if you got caught driving drunk.

As you can see, there is a huge upside to using a portable breathalyzer and a massive downside for not. Portable breathalyzers are designed for your safety and are changing the way we consume alcohol. Just a little awareness can go a long ways.

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