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Three Ways To Protect Your Mac From Malware
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We often tend to consider Apple products free from security threats caused by viruses or malware. Recently reported security incidents with Macs have drawn the attention of users worldwide. Analysts today are making Apple reconsider its approach towards system security and evaluate the requirement of security programs for Macs. As Apple has been regularly expanding its product range with new launches including Macs and mobile devices, the concern for their security is also increasing proportionately. It is not safe to assume that Apple products are not a subject of virus attack and let virus authors make our unguarded system their easy target. To prevent this situation and protect your Mac, this article offers you some useful tips.

Find below the tips that can help you protect your Mac from malware:

Keep the Mac OS X always updated

Apple is aware of the imminent threats to Mac and its other products. Due to this it always endeavors to fix the existing security flaws with an updated OS version. It updates OS to protect the vulnerable PCs by fixing the loop holes in case it exists. Since the launch of the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Apple has been dealing with security issues with quiet seriousness and in detail. As a result of this committed effort, it has recently released the Mac OX X 10.8 Mountain Lion that offers an advanced security called ‘Gatekeeper’ to prevent users from downloading malicious software or other online content.


Apple realizes that it cannot get away from threats by just preventing exploits rather it should do more to secure its operating system. It is only after this, that Apple took initiatives to safeguard Safari by sandboxing certain parts of the browser. Sandboxing blocks access to unnecessary programs to the data stored on your computer.

Apple wants to get benefit from the design of iOS that has never been the victim of a major malware attack. Moreover, Apple wants to sandbox and certify all the applications available on the App store. Apple is setting tough standards to leverage security however it is scared about its negative fallout on the flexibility of developers. Using the Mac apps that are approved by Apple is the best way to prevent malware from using the security flaws on your computer.

Use antivirus software

Despite being a traditional means of preventing virus or malware threats, it is effective and useful. It is used equally by a naive and an experienced user because of its usefulness. You are advised to use a Mac specific antivirus program for better results. VirusBarrier X6 is one such software that protects Mac from malware and other threats. Another advised antivirus software is Norton Antivius 12. It is the best way of safeguarding your Mac from malware threats to use a genuine antivirus program from a reputed firm.

Above mentioned are some effective ways to prevent malware attacks on your Mac. If you update your OS regularly to get benefit of improved security features and don’t download programs or other content from an unknown source then most of problems can be averted

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