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Tips For Online Shopping Of Books
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Tips for Online Shopping of Books

Online shopping of books is convenient and fun. To make sure that you get the best deals, there are some things to be aware of.

Online shopping has become very popular as you end up paying less in comparison to what you would have spent if you had made the purchase at the local store. Is there any way you can save more? Some points to help.

ISBN Number

ISBN refers to International Standard Book Number. It’s always better to use ISBN when you shop online. Every number refers to a unique book, and every book will have its own unique number.  If you key in the ISBN number into the search engine, it will assist you in locating the cheapest book that you would like to buy.

For e.g.  Let’s say you want to buy a particular book. Check at a site where the book is listed. Also note down the price. Note down the ISBN no. Some books have 10 digit, some have 12. Now put this ISBN number into say Google search engine.

What result should you expect? One site will offer you the same book at a much lesser price. Don’t buy it. Check another site. The second could end up given a much bigger discount. WAIT!!.

If your searches return sites e.g. Amazon, check the price of the book quoted on this site.  It could be that the price quoted here could be much less than your previous two sites.  Sometimes sites like ASADA offers much better price than Amazon.

So before you take the final call check maximum sites and you will soon see that you managed to save massive amount of the original price. A couple of minutes spend could give you real good discounts.

Sales - Online sales

One needs to be always on the lookout. This is because prices of books alter daily due to discounts. Some types of discounts are only given for a particular day or is limited on to a specific time window. So when you plan to buy online keep a constant vigil. This could finally save you good amount of money.

Discounts Types

Online Shopping during Black Friday helps to save you a lot of money as many online retailers give fabulous discounts to entice customers during this festive time.  Also remember that, if a book is listed for a particular price on a site; that site will still offer some general discount.

Sometime big merchant sites like provides special deals like, on spending £30 you will get £10 off your purchase. Such deals might not be available for a long time. So it’s better to do search to see what offers are available.

Expense is cheaper

If you buy books online in bulk then you would be able to get the advantage of free shipping. Some sites offer books for as low  as £0.01. But what they don’t disclose is the postage cost. This is only disclosed during check out.

It would better to buy books from online giants for say £2 and buy in bulk. In doing so, you will be able to the advantage of free shipping.

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