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Truckers GPS Systems - Will One Do It All?
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Truckers GPS Systems   -   will One Do it All?

A lot of us are going to want to use the same truckers GPS Systems for Vehicle navigation and trip planning as well as for on the ground use, weather for hiking or just walking around town.

Are there truckers GPS systems out there that are suitable for use in the vehicle as well as pedestrian use? What are the trade off concessions?

I am one that likes to be able to use one GPS for both although there were times when I had a separate GPS unit for each use. It was the result of a new unit coming on the market that operated longer on one charge rather than a shortcoming of the older unit. While I used the newer handheld unit for hiking my older unit was used for both in the day.

Units with built in battery can give you only one charge for a hike. Units with a battery compartment allow the option of replacing batteries during a hike extending unit performance. The larger the monitor screen the greater the power drain and possibly more cumbersome to carry. Of course a smaller screen is less desirable in truckers GPS systems. Most GPS units have a screen orientation option (portrait vs. landscape). Horizontal being my preference for in vehicle use depending on the unit its self.

With all of this being said I do not recommend going on long hikes with a truckers GPS system. You can upload topographic maps, road and recreation maps and all that but why bother. I would not be comfortable with a four hour discharge time.

The truckers GPS Systems are made for Vehicle use. RV drivers can benefit from them as well.

Specialized GPS receivers, that’s the name of the game. I have owned a variety of GPS units and liked them all. There are truckers GPS systems that provide updates and fixes for their maps and points of interest. Some units have these updates for life, which is limited to the point they discontinue service for that particular product.

This means the points of interest get updated. If they build 200 new chain stores, next year, when you do a search under points of interest for the nearest store meeting that particular name or other criteria the new ones will be there in your points of interest. Guess what, that’s great. If you are a local delivery driver, how many new developments get built in you area? How many new streets does that give you? I’ll bet you can’t remember them all. So when you have one of these updating units all the maps get updated and those new streets will be in your maps. You will not need to buy a new unit to get referenced to your growing world. That’s great.

I recommend truckers GPS systems that provide routing selections configured by vehicle dimensions and load restrictions.

If you are an over the road driver breaking down can have a different meaning for you. Your not at home and probably don’t know where the nearest shop is. That is why your better truckers GPS systems come with specialized points of interest to include shops that work on big trucks and RVs. Be certain the unit you pick has these features because they are out there. Till next time happy motoring.

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