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VPN Software For Android
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VPN Software for Android

There are basically two types of VPN software you can use for Android. Though each VPN service will have a slightly different version of the software you'll need to access their VPN servers, the basic form of the software is the same. Here are the differences between PPTP and L2TP for Android.


This is an older version of VPN - actually the first of its kind. So why is it still available? Well, since its inception, many of the security and privacy issues with PPTP have been fixed. It requires very little bandwidth, and still performs the basic functions of changing your IP address and encrypting your data.

Not all VPN users are looking for privacy and security - though it's good to know that they're a byproduct of connecting to the VPN. Some users simply want to unblock sites that have been banned on their network, or bypass firewalls and geo-restrictions places on their local IP. For these users, speed and efficiency are key. Easy installation and discounts for PPTP are also bonuses of using the type of VPN.


This type of VPN uses 168-bit IPSec encryption, which is a major improvement from PPTP. It also uses improved 2 layer tunneling protocols, which sounds confusing, but basically it improves your level of privacy and security. Users looking to hide their IP and achieve anonymity on the internet with Android devices will prefer this type of VPN.

The downside to L2TP is of course that it's a bit more difficult to set up, but that will depend on the service you use, and some services have simplified it to match the ease of PPTP. L2TP will also use more bandwidth than PPTP, but if your internet connection is fast to begin with, you won't notice much of a difference.

VPN services

Luckily, VPN services that support Android are figuring out that rather than cause confusion my making users choose between the two, they give full access to PPTP and L2TP servers. Not all VPN services do this, but those that do often allow you to choose the country location of your VPN server and give you unlimited switching between them. Still, others require that you choose one or two country locations and only one VPN protocol, and may even charge more for L2TP access. VPN interface, price plans, guarantees will vary as well.

Installing VPN software for Android will vary as well. Remember that there are numerous versions of Android, and each VPN provider will have their version of the software. Now you see why some users prefer the simplicity of PPTP installation! You'll usually find that your new download will come with a instruction manual, or access to a Wiki page on installation procedures. If you're afraid of technology, perhaps choosing a VPN service with live support is a good way to ensure you don't get frustrated during installation and troubleshooting.

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