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Watch Hulu In Italy
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American television program can be found on Italian TV on Rai 4, so 30 Rock, Charmed and Friday Night Lights for example can be seem regularly. This will perk an interest however in being able to watch Hulu in Italy to keep up with these series if Rai 4 does not renew them the next year or to catch other episodes for the series they are showing in Italy currently that are a couple of years old in the US or even canceled.

Italian television although plentiful is still tightly controlled by the government. For things like sports and reality shows, games shows it makes little difference, but for news it can make a huge difference. Even which movies are broadcast can come under the influence of the government. Through Sky Italia, Italy does have paid digital cable that spreads the information highway out a bit. CNN International, Disney Channels, Fox International, the Hallmark Channel and a really popular ones are ESPN America , MTV and Comedy Central.

So it is possible to watch American television but there is no way to go back and watch old episodes, re-watch the John Stewart monologue the next day, or find series that are not on Italian television like possibly the Law and Order or CSI packages. The only way to do these things is to go online to a place like Hulu and find the shows in their vast library and stream them through your Internet connection to your computer. The problem is that Hulu is only available withing the borders of the United States. If you try to watch Hulu in Italy, you will get a message telling you that it is not available where you live.

The reason for this is all a bunch of legal and financial technicalities with the copyrights to the shows. For awhile there were ways you could bypass the system and watch Hulu in Italy for free, like with the free proxy Hotspot Shield, But Hulu caught on and blocks most of those. What you can do us use a vpn ip address. With a vpn network you can get an American IP address if their servers are within the US borders. Your IP address will read as a US address which allows you access to watch Hulu in Italy. Don't worry! It's legal to change your IP address, and Hulu allows it. People in America use vpn's all the time for business and security reasons.

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