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Web Camera Review
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I can just imagine you having some pictures or video that you would like to show your mother, grandmother and other family and friends. But, you may think to yourself, how can I do this? This is where web cameras come in. A web camera can be used by computer owners to show pictures of themselves, children, and pets over the internet. These devices are used for messaging and communication using Skype or other type of software tools. Web cams are a great way to see the person as they speak to those at the receiving end. This web camera review will provide consumers with information on what these devices do and potential problems that you may experience when buying one.

What Do Web Cameras Provide?

Most web cameras should provide you with true HD (high definition) for your video recordings. Some even provide 16:9 widescreen which makes for a better picture. You will need to shop around and read all of the product features. This is helpful if you intend to post your video on YouTube and Facebook. Some other features that should be considered are:

  • Wide angle lens
  • Automatic focus
  • Full HD 1080p (for video recording)
  • HD 720p video calling
  • Audio quality (consider duo mics to speak and hear in stereo)
  • Auto light correction (adjusts for different light settings in the room)
  • Auto movement of the camera if the speaker should move to the left or the right

These cameras should be able to allow users to take pictures and shoot video so you can show it to friends over the internet. The web cameras are great for teachers or trainers because they can teach or communicate using this device when conducting training sessions.

What are Some Issues with These Cameras?

Based upon my reading of many reviews good and bad for various types of web cameras the following are some issues that these owners experienced when trying to load or use these cameras:

  • Be extremely careful on what the box says for types of computers the camera is compatible with. Some have reported problems with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems when installing or using the camera.
  • Some users of Windows 7 64-bit systems have reported seeing the BSOD (blue screen of death) when using or installing the cameras software.
  • Other users reported experiencing the camera working fine for a couple of hours, a day or two, and even a week, and then the camera affects their computer or the picture starts to get burly. When reinstalling the software, the problem does not go away.
  • Some have reported problems when trying to use Skype with the camera especially if the Mbps is below 1.0.
  • Most of these cameras come with little instructions leaving the user having to go to the website of the manufacturer to get all of the latest drivers and other software and download to their pc to make the camera work.

I have to mention here that a vast majority of the users of these cameras have reported no issues and are enjoying them. They are working just as the manufacture stated in their advertising. A lot of cameras units are ready to go usually within 10 minutes with no problems by following the instructions that come with the unit.


I hope that this web camera review was helpful to you. I do think that these cameras are great and you may or may not experience any problems with using them or when trying to install the software on your pc. Before ordering the camera of your choice, be sure to ask the salesperson about their return policy in case your unit should be defective or does not work per the issues mentioned above.

Before purchasing, be sure to read the bad and good reviews of the camera you are interested in. Obtaining as much facts as possible will be helpful when you are making your final decision on which one to get. Happy web camera shopping! For more information on these cameras check it out by going here.

Happy web camera shopping!

For more information on these cameras check it out by going here.

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