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What Is A Kindle Reading Device
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What Is A Kindle Reading Device

The question 'What Is A Kindle Reading Device' is one of those questions that gets ignored. There is a ton of information on which Kindle to buy, but if your query is simply - What Is A Kindle Reading Device - you may have been left in the dark, until now...

What Is a Kindle Reading Device?

Kindle is the brand name used by Amazon online store for their electronic book reading device. Electronic book reading devices (or e-readers), were first created to make reading electronic books (e-books) a pleasant experience and as a mechanism to buy and download books over the Internet.

If you spend much time reading on a computer screen you will know that it is tiring on your eyes and your computer is not all that portable – it does not fit in your pocket or hand bag like a book would.

Electronic book reading devices, including Amazon's Kindle device, have black and white screens that are designed to be easy on your eyes, just like reading a normal book. They are also light and portable, have long battery life and enough memory to hold hundreds of books.

What is a Kindle Reading Device used for?

The main use for a Kindle is to provide you with access to e-books (e-books) and other reading material on the go and to make it easy to download e-books from Amazon's massive book store.

The most basic Kindle reading devices include an integrated directory and search facility. They make it easy to browse, purchase and download Amazon books online using wi-fi or for some models a 3G connection and easy to read the books once purchased.

There are now four generations of Kindle - so when asking What Is A Kindle Reading Device you need to go deeper to understand the difference between each model.

Amazon has branded their entry level 4th generation (4G) wi-fi only model, released in November 2011, simply as Kindle. It is cheaper than the 3rd generation Kindle Keyboard best selling e-reader and is the lightest and smallest model, weighing less than 6 ounces, with a 6” screen. Kindle fits into a good sized pocket, it has a button and rocker control system and on-screen keyboard for navigation.

What is a Kindle Keyboard

The Kindle Keyboard has a physical keyboard which provides more functionality than the Kindle 4G can muster and comes with wi-fi only or wi-fi plus 3G connectivity. It is slightly larger and heavier than Kindle 4G, but with the same 6 inch screen size.

What Is a Kindle Touch?

Kindle Touch like Kindle 4G, was launched in November 2011 – but with a higher specification including a fully developed black and white touch screen navigation system. It weighs 7.5 ounces, slightly more for the wi-fi plus 3G model and also has a 6 inch screen.

What is a Kindle Fire?

Kindle Fire was launched towards the end of 2011 – it is not really a e-reader but more akin to a tablet, such as the iPad, but with less functionality. It has a color screen and is designed to receive and play all types of media content including movies and music.

What is a Kindle reading device competing with in the marketplace?

Amazon’s Kindle has brought about a revolution in electronic e-reading devices. Its main competitor is the Nook, produced by Barnes and Noble bookstore chain. Due to competition between Kindle vs Nook, e-readers are now cheap to buy.

I hope my answer to the question What Is A Kindle Reading Device has raised your curiosity to find out more about Kindle and Nook e-readers.

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