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Why Google Plus Is Better
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So anyone who isn’t completely obsessed with Google products seems to be asking, why Google Plus is better than the other social networking sites? The first thing that most users notice when trying out Google Plus is how smooth it seems to work. There isn’t any extra garbage on any of the pages (such as games, ads, spam, etc) so the site reacts quickly as you click on something. It’s similar to Gmail or Google’s homepage where it’s very neat, organized, and to the point.

The mobile app and how it integrates with the networking system is truly amazing. I’ve run into issues on Facebook’s app where you press Refresh and it seems to take forever to refresh and show 1 new post. Google Plus is better in the fashion that once you click an icon, it’s done, no waiting!

One of the newer features on Facebook was their face recognition software. Google Plus does have a similar program where the faces in the pictures have a box around them as you highlight over the picture allowing yourself or someone else to tag the people in those pictures. This feature helps expand the social networking world because it allows you to meet new friends that may be tagged in a picture with you. “Hey, who was that girl at the BBQ last weekend? Oh wait, Lisa tagged us in a picture together!”

I don’t know about you but the scary thing about social networking is that the age range of users seems to be expanding more and more which means more and more of my family members seem to add me on those sites. Google Plus is better at solving issues like this while still allowing you to be “friends” with all of those family members. With Google Plus, you add each new friend into a “circle” such as your “friend” circle or a “family” circle. When viewing your stream, you can view all circles or you can limit it to a specific circle. When posting to your stream, you can also select to post it to a specific circle or to all circles. This allows you to keep a certain level of privacy between different groups of people.

A lot of people are saying that Google Plus is better for now while still in trial form but will become slow or buggy like Facebook or MySpace once it goes public. I would disagree with this comment for a few reasons. Google Plus is better because it is going through a trial stage so Google can test the limits and see what resources are going to be needed for this site to work properly. Yes, they’ve had their problems (such as the email spam issue) but they also have admitted to those problems, and have resolved those problems. By taking the time to create a solid product before working to profit off that product, I believe they will have a better product in the long run.

The list literally goes on and on with why Google Plus is better than the competition but I think actually trying it is the best way to see it for yourself. Invites are still available so please feel free to contact a friend who is currently a user or I have invites as well that I will be more than happy to share. I look forward to having you all as friends on Google Plus and chatting with you in the future!

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