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Your Ereader Is Naked!
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It's not too late to cover it up though! It just needs your help. A skin for your eReader is a fun and low cost way to cover, personalize, and protect your reading device from scratches - and from being naked. An eReader skin is a decal made from durable vinyl that sticks and is easily removed from the front and/or back of the device. It does not interfere with any type of cover or sleeve in use. You can really have a lot of fun with selecting the skins with so many variations available, and can even have a custom one made if you'd like. It is also a great gift idea for anyone you know with an eReader.

Skins for All eReaders

Skins are made with every type of design imaginable. Examples would be those with original artwork, famous artwork, sports themes and teams, designs made for kids, and those with characters on them. Some companies include wallpaper to match the skin which looks amazing when the eReader is in sleep mode. And if you don't find one that catches your eye, you can design your own. Additionally, many come available with the choice of glossy or matte finish. For an eReader, the matte finish is a great choice since it's non-glare, which is consistent with many of the eReaders themselves.

Where to Find an eReader Skin

Amazon carries a very large selection of eReader Skins made by many different companies, and they are available for every type of eReader. Amazon carries over 600 skins just for the various type of Kindles. Notably though there are sellers online that have their own websites where you can shop and buy, and most of these companies create and sell skins for every type of eReader as well, such as different types of Nooks, iRiver, Kobo, and the Sony Reader. There are literally thousands of eReader skins being made for every type of eReader. The selection of eReader skins available online is astounding to say the least.

The Benefits

Besides personalizing your eReader and keeping it from being naked, another great benefit is that it helps protect the device from scratches and scuffs simply by covering it. The skins are applied quite simply without any bubbling underneath, and full instructions are provided. The material is thick vinyl so it is easy to pick up and reposition if you get it on a little bit crooked the first time. When the skin is removed by peeling it off, no trace that the skin was ever there will remain. This is due to a special type of glue designed just for this purpose. The skin is not designed to protect the device in case of a fall or accident, so a cushioned cover or sleeve is recommended when not in use. The skin is also not designed for repeated use, but it can be done if the skin is removed carefully so it's not stretched. It is helpful to place the skin back on it's original packaging if you'd like to reuse it in the future. This allows the skin to be switched out with others depending on the season, mood, holiday, or because you just feel like changing to a different eReader skin.

No More Naked eReaders!

Choosing the eReader Skin you want to cloth your eReader in is really a lot of fun and adds style and personality to your device. And your eReader will thank you for no longer being naked!

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