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How Often Should You Workout For The Best Ab Workouts?
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It is the age old question isn't it? Well not exactly the "age old question" but it is a question that I get asked a lot. For the best ab workouts, how often should I work out. The answer is two fold.

1. How much time do you have to workout? 2. What is the best way to workout for my body?

Everybody's situation is different. if you are young and single, you can pretty much set your own schedule to work out. Especially with the introduction of 24 hour gyms, you can easily find time in your day to work out. There are two 24 hour gyms within one mile of my house so access to a gym shouldn't be an excuse for not working out.

Now, if you are married, have children and a job then it is a bit more difficult to find time in your busy schedule to fit in a workout. For the best ab workouts, you should target 3 days per week to work out. In your situation, you may want to consider purchasing gym equipment for your home. It is way more convenient and you can easily set yourself up with a gym, a stationary bike and free weights for approximately $2,000 for decent equipment. Then, after the kids are in bed, you can go down and get in a quick workout without leaving the house.

For the best ab workouts, you should schedule your workouts depending on how frequently you can work out. If your schedule permits you to work out every day, you need to make sure that you schedule your workouts so that you don't work on the same body area two days in a row. You need to give your muscles time to heal so you can work on your upper body one day, abdominal region the next followed by the legs on the third day. You should always try to fit in some form of cardio every day.

If your schedule only permits you to work out three time per week then a total body workout would be best for you. You can add variety to your workout by introducing different exercises so that your workout routine does not become stale and boring. On the off days, it would be good if you could get some cardio work in.

Everybody's situation is different so you need to adjust your schedule and routines based upon your individual circumstances.

If you are not sure of where to start, there are resources available on the internet that provide workout and nutrition advice which should make it easier for you to start off on the right foot. If you can start off feeling that you are on the right track then you have a better chance of success.

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