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Tired of being flabby and frumpy, two women head down to their local gyms. One finds herself at the trendy, local hot spot, part of a chain of gyms that span the nation. Shouting to make herself heard over the music, she tells the impossible toned and barely dressed young thing behind the counter that she wants to join the gym and is immediately whisked into a quiet room to fill out papers and of course, to turn over her credit card. The other lady goes to her own local gym, walks up to the counter and signs up for a membership and then asks for the best personal trainer.

The first woman is led through the blaring music and the beautiful bodies but given no real instruction on how to use the equipment. She reads the list of offered classes and can’t decipher them at all. She doesn’t really know what any of them mean at all. The second lady has found the best personal trainer- one that knows what is really going to help her get into shape and how to properly motivate her. The lady is thrilled with the progress she is making and is glad that she has taken the time to find not only a good trainer but the best personal trainer.

A month into it, the two ladies discuss their progress. The first woman has not lost a single pound, in fact, she has gained three since starting. Overwhelmed by the strange machines that she had no clue of how to use and completely left on her own, the lady had stopped going to the gym at all.

The other lady, on the other hand, had the guidance of the best personal trainer who had designed a workout program for her that would take her not only through these first few months of her workout but beyond as well. The trainer showed her how to use the various machines and told her the tips and secrets about which ones she might need later, as she got stronger, and which she could just skip for good. The second lady decided that she too would go to the other gym and find the best personal trainer for her as well.

The best personal trainer for the first woman might be completely different from the second. If you and your sister, your mother, your brother or your best friend go to the gym looking for the best personal trainer, you might be shocked to find that they are not always going to be the same person. If you know your personal style or what motivates you best, then you will have an idea of what kind of personal trainer that you would like to have.

You are not always going to be able to spot the best personal trainer right off. You might not even know in the first session or so. Sometimes you have to take three or four sessions with someone to know if they are the best personal trainer or not.

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