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Running Following Meniscus Repair Surgery For Over 40 Men
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I am 46 years old and have been an avid runner for about 12 years now. Five years ago I sustained a torn meniscus in my left knee from playing basketball. I was able to resume running at a competitive level soon after surgery. About eight months ago, I sustained a torn meniscus in my right knee again from playing basketball. Recovery from this second surgery has proven tougher than the first, however, I am back to running at a level equal to where I was prior to the surgeries.

I have learned my lesson at this point to stay away from basketball so I can focus on my true passion, running. I have run about seven or eight half-marathons and multiple 5K’s and 10K’s. I live in Louisville,Ky. Every year prior to the Kentucky Derby, the city sponsors three races affectionately termed the triple crown of running. These races consist of a 5K, followed by a 10K, followed by a ten mile race. The races are spaced at two weeks apart. My passion for running began years ago while training for these particular races.

In reference to the title of the article, I have not had much trouble resuming my running following each knee sugery. Obviously, the severity of the tear plays a major factor in returning to pre-surgery running form. Fortunately, both of my injuries were fairly minor in terms of severity. The healing process for the meniscus repair surgery is usually six to eight weeks. Of course, you should follow your surgeon’s direct recommendation’s for your specific injury.

Following each of my knee surgeries, I began some light weight bearing about five to six days after surgery. Within about ten days, I was walking without crutches albeit gingerly. Within about three weeks following the surgeries, I was going to the local park by my house and doing some serious walking. Light jogging began about five to six weeks following surgery. These were not guidelines set by my physician. He recommended waiting much longer into recovery before attempting to run. However, he wanted me to stop running altogether and take up swimming. That was not going to happen.

Although I feel I have returned to near top form, I have modified my training in order to try and remain injury free. I have cut back my mileage and am running fewer days per week. Another modification that has really helped my comeback is that I try to no longer run on hard surfaces. I have found some off road trails near my home and several other grassy paths. Running on these softer surfaces seems to take a lesser toll on my knees. I have also begun training on a track at a high school near my home. This is also a softer surface that seems to really help my knee pain.

If you are over 40 and have experienced knee problems associated with meniscus injuries, you may still enjoy running as a sport as I have. Just some simple modifications to your training and you can hit the road running. Good luck.

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