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Scar Tissue And How To Rehab A Sprained Ankle
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To rehab a sprained ankle you need to take action. I know that sprained ankles are painful - I've sprained my ankle twice and I know the desire to just do nothing about it. But to rehab a sprained ankle properly the most important thing you can do is get started right away and work at getting it back to normal. The longer you wait to take action, the more problems you'll see in the future.

The number one reason for re injury is improper healing. And the number one reason for improper healing is scar tissue. Unfortunately, scar tissue, though well intended may be the scourge of your existence for period of time. That swollen tissue around your ankle? It's extra fluid send there by your body to protect the area. As soon as your body starts to heal itself, that fluid will begin to repair the tissue you tore during the sprain. It will turn into that infamous thing called scar tissue.

So why is scar tissue such bad thing? It's brittle, tough, inflexible, and will be a lot more likely to tear again in the future. When you rehab a sprained ankle, whatever your program of choice may be, the main goal to keep in mind is to get swelling down and get rid of scar tissue. There are many ways you can do this.

The most obvious is of course the RICE method. By keeping your ankle elevated and properly iced you've completed the first step to reducing swelling and thus scar tissue. Afterwards, a regime of movement, massage, and stretching is needed to prevent the setting and hardening of scar tissue. To rehab a sprained ankle you should also drink plenty of water to help with blood flow and expel broken down tissue and bruised blood.

When you go about massaging and stretching the area it is important to be tough, but no over do it. Sudden movements should be avoided. Instead, go for slow and firm. You will learn quickly the difference between good pain and bad pain. Good pain signifies progress. "No pain, No gain". Bad pain says that you're moving too fast and risking re injury. Stretching and movement should be organised into a regime that you do every day, and you should make clear goals of what you wish to achieve in what period of time.

Continue reading for more tips on how to rehab a sprained ankle and the popular rehab method called HEM ankle rehab.

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